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Company Weekly Update

After a crazy but successful operation this week there are a lot of points to cover this week so settle in for a good read. Future Plans After a successful operation with 2 full PL's this week, it is likely we will be looking at opening 1-2 Charlie soon. We…

Company Command Weekly Update

Gents, WOW! What an operation last night. Seeing the 2 PL’s and their members performance was glorious and impressive. You all did so well even under some rather hairy situations and a lot of staff and members impressed me. It’s heart-warming to see the group come together and perform so…
ATAF ( Anzac Tactical Assault Force) Facebook page rebrand Hi all, For the sake of clarity, the existing Facebook page will have its name changed to Taskforce AusCorp so that there is no confusion.

Company Command Update

Good week lads with a rough ending. We are focusing our efforts on these issues and believe it will be all sorted shortly.  2PL Opening.2 platoon is finally here! With some shuffling and quick promotions, we now have 2 sections full in India 1-2. Congratulations to all the new staff…
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