LT’s Weekly Update

Great week everyone with a lot happening again and the group steaming forward in many areas.

Resupply Crates

With the introduction of Hotel we now have a more reliable resupply asset that will be able to drop supplies to areas that the AI may have struggled or crashed. I mistakenly forgot to let you guys know about the resupply boxes which caused some issues in game. Apologies for that but I will explain now how that will work.

There are 3 types of resupply boxes for Hotel to lift.

1 – Section ammo and equipment (Grenades, AT, Smokes etc)
2 – Medical Supplies
3 – Golf ammo and equipment

They are ace arsenals but are not the same as the ones at HQ. What this means is that you cannot access them and load your entire kit via the loadouts tab. You will only have access to the ammo or equipment via the ‘Uniform’, ‘Vest’ and ‘Backpack’ tabs. If you try to access the other tabs or load a saved kit, you may lose some of your equipment including radio, compass and map. Make sure you slow down, think about what you’re doing and don’t stuff your kit so you’re left naked in the fight.

Hotel 1-1

After many hours of creating documents, training areas, assessments and then conducting said assessments, we now have an extremely capable and experienced rotary team. All the applicants did very well and surprised the assessors with the standard demonstrated. The scores became so close with some differences being only a couple of points. I’d like to congratulate and thank all applicants on the effort and time put in.

I’d also like to give a massive congratulations to the 4 top applicants and now our Hotel pilot team.

SGT Will
CPL Roofie
LCPL Juice

These four gents performed to an excellent standard and showed the assessors that they are capable, keen and going to provide us with a very effective asset. I look forward to seeing the progress and development of Hotel and the group with this new capability.

2PL Development

With the introduction of 2PL being the main focus of PHQ at the moment, it has been decided that the sections will be increased to 10-man sections. The new layout will look like this.

The new role being introduced is section medic. The main role of the section medic will be a combat first aider (CFA). This means that the medic still fights and moves with the section, but if a section member is downed, the CFA will move to and begin treatment of that patient. This way the rest of the section can focus on the fight and if needed, continue to push forward whilst the medic conducts treatment.

The new layout of the sections will be 2 x 4-man fireteams with the section leader and CFA being slightly behind the 2 fireteams. This way the section commander can have better situational awareness of his section, is in a slightly safer position whilst giving his section staff the opportunity to lead and develop under supervision. Below is an example of how the sections can be run in the field, although ultimately it will be up to the section commander as to how the section is run.

The way that the CFA and empty slots are filled within the section will be up to the current section commanders. They may ask a reservist to step into the medic role, or a current section member will step into it and then a reservist will be given the opportunity to join into that now empty slot. Any member who desires to be in the medic role will need to have the basic medical certification. Another basic medical certification training will be run this week so keep your eye on the training channel.

2PL Section Positions

With the opening of 2PL we will be requiring new staff and section members, most importantly 3IC and 2IC members. If you are interested in a staff role, ensure you keep your eye on the training channel as there will be sessions run to qualify members to be able to apply for those roles. As for the section member positions, the slots will be offered to the most veteran reservists first at the top of the ORBAT, then moving down the reservist list to our newest members.

Attendance is key gents! If you are reliable and keen, you will be desirable to section staff. If not, then don’t expect to be asked to join a section until your attendance improves.

Server Load In

As we discovered during the launch last night, the server struggles a little when we all load in and start moving around straight away. So from now on, a new rule is in place. When you load in game and you’re at the HQ, you are to not move for at least 30 secs.

This means;

Once that time is up you are free to move around and prepare as required. Once you’re ready, under the direction of your staff, move to the briefing area and either sit or stand patiently. Reminder to have your voice set to whisper and to minimize movement within the HQ. This will help the server start up smooth and reduce issues that may have occurred last night.

Follow this lads as the Zeus’s will be first in and can observe who does this and who doesn’t. Don’t be caught out.

BCT Training Sessions

From now on no one is to attend BCT sessions unless you are a trainer or REC. Unless requested by the trainer and then approved by PHQ, no one is to assist the trainer or be near the BCT session. The trainers are capable of conducting the trainings by themselves and do not need a 2nd trainer or medical patients. The training has been created so it can be done by one trainer even with multiple REC’s.

If you want to be on the training server at the same time as a BCT session, make sure you are respecting their space and not using loud vehicles or aircraft around the HQ. Any questions or complaints please send them to me.

Applicants and Recruits

We had a massive influx of applicants and recruits this week, with 6 applicants yesterday alone! This is excellent to see our group continuing to grow with fantastic work being conducted by our J1, J3 and J5 staff. With these teams we have grown to numbers not seen in a long time and we continue to grow every day.

A friendly reminder to all current members to welcome and encourage new members that join our ranks. Make sure to help them out when you can and to involve as many new members in events and other games that we play. This creates the awesome community that we have and keeps our numbers up whilst providing that second to none group.

Shout Outs

LCPL Pipsqueak & PTE(P) Razorjax – Gents, your performance within the section was outstanding last night with you both stepping up into every section staff role when required with professionalism and seriousness. Although being put under extreme pressure, you both calmly and effectively did your job as well as commanded above your worn rank when needed. Great job lads!!
PTE Reckers – Your performance and accuracy on your AT weapon was outstanding with you often not even requiring directions. You effectively engaged many targets which directly supported not only your own section, but the sections on your flanks. Keep it up!

PTE(P) MacAttack – Being a brand new member into TFAC it was great to hear that you performed to such a high standard straight away. You bonded well with your section and your role as lead scout allowed the section to be accurately navigated throughout the operation. You responded quickly and without question to orders passed onto you which is vital to the sections working effectively. Excellent work mate!

PTE(P) 4ngel – You stepped up last night at took lead of a fireteam for a majority of the operation. This is another example of our members knowing when to step up and when they do, they conduct themselves in a professional and effective manner. You kept your section commander updated and you were praised by your section commander on your performance. Keep up the good work! PTE Sobey – Sobey was praised for his excellent teamwork and performance as a section member. He passed on information to his fireteam leader and kept them up to date. This is an example of how section members should be contributing to the section because this information being passed on allows the section staff to make better and more informed decisions. Brilliant work Sobey!


Reminder that there has been another mod list change gents. The latest list is pinned in the noticeboard channel. There is one new mod: DUI – Squad Radar

The rest are from our original list but you’ll have to remove/deactivate some.

The total required mods is now: 22.

Ensure you have this saved as your preset so you’re ready to go for Sunday.

The other servers and game mode will be updated to contain this current list. If you are having trouble logging in, message your section staff or post in the reservist channel.

I’m so happy with how we are going gents. The group is doing so well, with a lot of our previous issues ironed out. I say it every week but I’m so excited about where the group is going and can’t wait to see how we improve next week.

Maintain the rage!!

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