Company Command Update

Good week lads with a rough ending. We are focusing our efforts on these issues and believe it will be all sorted shortly.  

2PL Opening.

2 platoon is finally here! With some shuffling and quick promotions, we now have 2 sections full in India 1-2. Congratulations to all the new staff and reservists who are now in a section. I’m confident that you will all do well and will continue to improve the group as we have been doing. There are still a few reservists awaiting section slots but don’t be concerned gents. You will never be told you can’t join an op due to numbers and with the group continuing to grow, you will be given more and more opportunities to join into a section or possibly into new roles that we add. The reservist’s attendance has been excellent lately so keep it up.

Server Performance.

There’s no denying that last nights Op was rough. A late start coupled with poor performance and then topped off with it cut short. This is the first time we have had to actually end an op early and it will hopefully be the last. Staff have been discussing throughout the day and have come to the conclusion that we simply need to upgrade our server again. The current server we have just can’t handle the numbers we are getting on the Sunday night. With more applicants each day, we need to boost our server capability ASAP so that we can continue to run our op’s with the great standard that we’re used to.

So our solution is that we are going to take the leap and move to a dedicated server. This will significantly improve our performance and will allow us to have a large player count, along with larger EN forces. AI will behave better and we will experience little lag or desync. This of course, all comes at a cost. We have got a refund from our previous server provider so we have lost minimal funds, leaving us with a decent amount in the account. We will be able to cover the cost of the new server, but this will be relying on only a handful of members.

Those members are happy to cover the cost and as most of you know, we don’t like to ask for donations. All I will say is that with the 67 people we had on last night, it will cost us 70 cents per member, per Op. That’s $2.80 per month. That’s just counting the members who attended. We understand some people can’t spare money every month and we will never remove members who don’t donate. The more you do help out, the less those couple of members have to front each month. Any small amount helps.

We love what we can do for you guys and just hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Medic Roles

It was excellent to see so much interest in the section and platoon medic roles. We managed to fill all the slots for the weekend and now have 5 full sections with one medic each.

The platoon medic selections are still in progress and we hope to have the 1-2 Platoon medic role filled by this weekend. Any issues or questions regarding medical are to be directed to LCPL Wolflec.

Operation Attendance Channel

It was a little frustrating last week to have to keep chasing up members or staff to ask you lads to update your op attendance. I removed 6-7 reservist reactions on Sunday afternoon when I did the allocation because members didn’t remove their old reactions. Please ensure that if you change section or you need to change your attendance due to circumstances, remove your old reaction and react with the new one. It’s not fair on the reservists waiting for allocation and staff who have to chase up members. It creates confusion in the Teamspeak and discord because of member’s inaccurate attendance. It’s not hard to do gents and it’s a requirement of the group. Please ensure this improves back to how it was.

Operation Start

Although we experienced a few technical difficulties at the start of the op, I was thoroughly impressed with how everyone handled the rough load ins and how quickly you all got your kits sorted and were ready for briefings. This proves that you lads are listening to staff and that the staff are doing a good job at organising the sections. This makes our start up’s smoother and quicker which allows for more op time. Keep up the good work in regards and veteran members, continue to show the newer lads how we run things and the standard we expect.


No major mod list changes this last week. Only the removal of Blastcore from the optional mod list. Ensure you check the most up to date list which is pinned at the top in the noticeboard channel. Those two links are up to date.

Load in or Mod Issues

I know sometimes you get errors when your loading in and it can be frustrating. Here are a few tips and steps to take for troubleshooting;

– As you can see in the picture above, there are a few errors that have appeared when trying to join. This info is the best indication of what may be wrong with your game or mods.

– The [ACE] Version mismatch (Red box) is not an indicator of your ace mod. It is simply indicating that your mod list is incorrect. It’s the green box that you want to look at as this will indicate which mod is the issue.

– As you can see in the green box, there are a few mods that are the issue. But from reading the text, we can make out that the two mods are Clafghan and JSRS. Read the text and if you can, take a screenshot of it so if someone asks what errors your getting, you can send them the screenshot.

– If you get an error your first step should be to exit your ARMA and check the mods you have loaded. Make sure you have the correct 22 mandatory mods (and the 4 optional ones if you wish) loaded and that they are up to date. Remember you cannot have an more or less mods loaded. You will have to close your game to check they are updated.



– If the error is with Teamspeak, ensure you have the correct plugin installed and that its activated.


– If you have tried these steps and you still cannot join, then get in contact with your section staff.


If the section staff cannot help you, they will then request help from PHQ. We will get to you, but you have to be patient and remember there is a lot to deal with at the start. There are 3 options before you need to message any PHQ staff member.

Look forward to the new server lads as this will fix a lot, if not all of our performance issues. Keep up the good work within the group.

Maintain the rage!

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