Company Command Weekly Report

What a great week compared to the last one gents. I’m very happy with a lot of things that occurred in the community this week and I’m slightly gutted that I’m going on leave during this time. I’m super excited to see the progress and results of the work when I return though.   

Server Performance.

What a success! No restarts, min lag and desync and a smooth operation from start to a dramatic finish. From the results we received and the feedback asked on the night, only 8% of the players experienced some performance loss during the op. It was fairly minimal lag or for short periods so staff are extremely happy with the server upgrade and how it performed. We are looking at improving it even further through tweaking of the settings and also looking at the mods we are currently using. This will be discussed a bit more in the community plans section.

As for the load in procedure and kitting up, it went quite well and I was happy with everyone’s behaviour and speed in which you loaded in. Let’s maintain that standard gents. It was easy for the PHQ’s to load in and sort themselves with the section staff, followed by you lads coming in slightly after. Apologises about the arsenals and missing equipment, this will be fixed for next week.

I was impressed to see all 3 of 1-1 CPL’s chilling with myself at the briefing area post their back briefs. This means that the LCPL’s and 3IC’s are doing their jobs correctly and effectively. Well done fellas. Keep it up!

­Community Plans

I wanted to share some insight into “CHQ’s” vision for the next couple of weeks. This will keep you guys in the loop and you can discuss it amongst yourselves and maybe bring forward some awesome ideas.

This is a basic timeline for what we are looking at for TFAC at this current time.

– Mods and server: We want to continue to improve server performance to increase our total number capability in the server. This means we are looking at dropping some mods that are chewing up server power and that are known to cause issues in the background. Don’t stress about losing content though because anything we are removing; we are looking at replacing either with less mods or with custom content. Our main focus regarding this is dropping the RHS mods. These mods, although good, are chewing up server power like no tomorrow. I was reluctant at first but after some lengthy discussions we came to a conclusion that we are going to go with some custom factions, created by us, that we can replace RHS with. This will allow us to drop those mods without having to lose the content that RHS provides us. We will look at some other weapon and vehicle mods that will replace some lost stuff, but this will be an excellent step towards improving the server performance for everyone which in turn allows us to have more members on at once. Which goes onto my next point.

– TFAC PMC: Staff have discussed for a while about us being PMC and what we might want to do in the future. The idea of us creating a fictional “army/faction” came up and we have started developing this for a possible switch to occur post the rest of our plans. Now the only real difference that will occur with this is that we will have access to pretty much whatever we want and they will be either; reskinned to be what we want and/or have our logo on them so it’s a bit more personalised. Some of the reasons for this is because our ORBAT, training, procedures and assets are heading more and more towards an army style organisation rather than a PMC. We pretty much do whatever we want and use what we want already, but with this change we will have personalised vehicles and assets, along with the option to use some cooler stuff. We will keep our name, our kits, everything. We will just be gaining access to a wider variety of assets and equipment without having to worry about “But, a PMC wouldn’t have that.” If we are a government army, we can have what we want. A fictional faction for us is in the early stages of development along with 2 fictional EN factions. This will be an awesome step for us if it goes ahead.

– ORBAT Plan: With our growing numbers we have needed to consider what we want our ORBAT to look like and where we will actually have to stop adding things. We can’t keep adding assets and roles because our server simply can’t handle it with our current mod list and growing numbers. Hence why we are looking at ways to improve performance so we can have more members. Better performance = more members = more assets and cool stuff.

CHQ’s current plan/ideas for the group is this;

– Fill 1-2 Charlie
– Possible 1-2 Golf or just increase 1-1 Golf manning
– 1-1 and 1-2 Delta. We are looking at possibly adding a PL vehicle (1 x APC or 1 x IFV) with 2 cav scouts in the back which will be scouts/heavy AT. They will be C/S Delta in each PL.
– Engineers

From there, we will pretty much be at max capacity for the server and its performance. What assets and the number of players we have during an op will all depend on how much we can improve the server. Hopefully you can see our goal and plan in amongst this madness. Remember gents, this is just a plan. Nothing set in stone and nothing major will be occurring until I return from leave. Any questions, queries or ideas, hit me up.

– LT Thomas on leave: So as most of you know I’m going away to Europe for nearly 3 weeks. I’ll be gone from the 1st – 19th August. I have spoken to all staff and they understand my intent of what is to occur whilst I’m gone. For your situational awareness, this is my plan for that time.

1. Focus on training all members, with priority on the new staff members getting the extra training they desire/need. There will be section trainings, qualifications, staff trainings as well as mid-week ops which will help boost everyone’s skills and confidence. I strongly recommend going along to as many as you can gents.

2. The new SGT’s getting the experience and practice commanding their future PL’s so they will effectively be ready to take over when I return. This is my goal and I’m sure they will achieve it. All section staff are to maintain high standards and to assist the SGT’s during this extra workload period. LT Tricky will be overseeing them and will hold overall command. 3. Increase the reservist pool whilst maintaining the high reservist attendance. I’m so impressed with the reservists we currently have. The attendance from you lads has been the best we’ve had from reservists in a long time. It’s fantastic to see that you are enjoying yourself and are bonding with the group so quickly. Keep it up guys as you will be called upon with 1-2 Charlie when it opens. We will continue to recruit as it has slowed down due to school being back and the steam sales have finished. Remember to encourage the new members and make them feel welcome into the community.

4. Replacing the current Zeus’s is also on the list. This will be covered below.

5. Improving the server and creating the required mod changes. This is a big focus at the moment as the sooner we get it ready to go, the sooner we can increase the numbers/assets on the server. No major changes will be made until I return but expect some changes to be pushed through shortly post my return home.

This gives you bit of an insight as to my expectations of what is to occur during my time away, so let’s make sure that we are all helping each other and are supporting those who need the extra hands.

New Zeus’s

With 3 of the current Zeus’s now being in staff roles, it’s time to rotate them out so they can focus on their roles. We are putting the call out to anyone who may be interested in joining the Zeus team. There are a few requirements to the role.

– You cannot be a staff member.
– You must have a good track record with TFAC as you will be put into an extremely important role.
– Your attendance has to be at or above standard.
– You must be able to commit a bit of extra time during the week and be able to be ready to go at 1730 for the op on Sundays.

You will not be removed from your other role and will be able to rotate with the Zeus team so you can still get op time. With the increase in numbers we will be running 2 x Zeus at a min with the goal to have 3 for each op.

If you are interested in this role, please direct all questions to the Zeus team leader, Infernus.

“Cleared Areas”

I know there was some frustration or disappointment about the end of the op last night with 1-1. I wanted to reinforce some things so that we can all understand how the EN and missions work now with some of the changes that have been made in the last few weeks.

VCOM: VCOM is an AI mod that has dramatically increased the EN’s capability and intelligence. What does this mean though? This means that the EN behaves on the battlefield a lot smarter and increases the lethality of their units. The incident at the end of the op with 1-1 was a mix of time constraints; Zeus’s decisions and the EN’s smart behaviour. 1-1 had previously occupied the cut off position and in our minds, noted it as “clear”. This is in fact completely wrong. The VCOM EN pushed back onto the hill as soon as we left and re-occupied the location with a larger force. This was completely done by the mod and not the Zeus’s. The Zeus’s actually deleted some units due to the EN being so aggressive. This is what we need to expect of the EN from now on. A smart, aggressive and responsive EN that will test us and our training. No longer can we think, “That area was clear, no EN will be there still.” Especially with areas that we leave that the EN can still move to.

The Zeus’s will never spawn units behind us or in areas that aren’t realistic unless its part of the story. They have been able to take a back seat lately and watch the EN conduct combined arms flank attacks without any intervention from the Zeus’s what so ever. It’s crazy, but good at the same time. This means that we need to start really focussing and putting all our training into practice.
This includes;

– Creating security in all directions,
– Proper formations,
– Not slacking off towards the end of the op or when approaching areas that were cleared previously,
– Calling targets and using proper cover,
– Listening to orders and following them,
– Clearing buildings in pairs or groups of 4 and much more.

The trainings will improve the sections survivability and in turn, your enjoyment by not being downed. Keep focussed during the op’s.

To the staff, your considerations with the IMAP process will need to be implemented now more than ever. The EN are smart. They will flank you, they will counter attack, they will use OS. Make sure we are considering these things and plan accordingly.

Section Medics

The section medic role has been introduced and seemed to work well in our first proper op since they were implemented. Just a reminder that if a single section member is downed, the section medic is there with the secco to treat them so the rest of the section can move forward. This is obviously situational but in most cases the section will be able to continue on task rather than wait for that one member to be revived. This avoids delays and allows more action time for everyone else in the section. The section commander and medic can treat the downed member and once revived, will catch up with the rest of the section. If possible and safe to do so, just the medic should be left with the member whilst the section commander continues on task. This is part of the reason we implemented the role. Make sure that other members let the medics do their jobs whilst you do yours. You will be asked to help if its required, otherwise leave the medic and patient alone.

Radio Comms

From now on this will be the standard across the 2 PL’s. If the PL commanders want to change this in the future, then that’s up to them, but for now this is how we will run the PL comms.

– When sections are raising other sections or PHQ, you will simply call with your C/S no matter what rank you are. This means, no “Sunray this is Alpha sunray minor.”
No matter what rank you are within the section, unless its for a particular reason (you needing to ID yourself) you will simply call in with you section name. This cuts down chatter and will make it simpler for section staff.

Examples: – Alpha 2IC speaking: “Sunray this is Alpha, over.”
                   – Bravo 3IC speaking: “Charlie this is Bravo, over.”
                  – Charlie secco speaking: “Sunray minor this is Charlie, over.” (This instance is because the Charlie secco wants to talk to the SGT directly.

PHQ will still have the individual callsigns. Sunray (LT), Sunray Minor (SGT), Pronto (Sig), Starlight (PL Medic).

This may be confusing to understand by reading it but don’t worry. If you are confused, you can talk to LT Tricky or the SGT’s to have it explained via voice.

Trouble Shooting Channel

I will be attempting to release the new trouble shooting channel before I leave so it can be developed and improved whilst also helping members with any issues they might have. This will be a community channel where you can go to search for solutions for any errors you might be having.

How it works: You simply type in the search bar on the top right-hand side #trouble-shooting and select the channel. You then type in key words that relate to your error and hit search. This will bring up posts relating to errors with those key words and hopefully a fix will be in there for you. Otherwise just have a look through the channel and see if you can find a fix.

This channel will be developed over time as we encounter any new errors. If you come across an error and either need a fix or have a fix already, pass it onto your staff so it can be formatted and added to the channel. This will help everyone, especially new members. Screenshots that add value to the post are encouraged.

POW Treatment and Handling

An incident occurred last night which ended up with a POW being killed whilst in captivity. This is not good lads. We need to treat POW’s as if they are one of our lads. This means not stripping all their clothes and keeping them safe at all times. We will receive extra intel and cash for POW’s so it’s in the PL’s best interest to keep them alive and unharmed.

POW’s are to be;

– Searched and any weapons and ammunition removed.
– Body armour, helmets and clothes are to be left on at all times. You can remove all the equipment from their uniform and vest, but they are to be kept on to provide protection.
– They are to be kept safe at all times and provided security to prevent any accidental killing of the POW.
– Make sure we are PID’ing targets! Especially if they have their hands tied behind their back.
– All POW’s are to be evac’d via Hotel when possible. Otherwise they are to be kept with the section or PHQ to remain safe.

This is the procedure that is to be followed at all times. If any member is caught mistreating POW’s, expect severe consequences.


This is a very clear and direct instruction to all member in TFAC. This operation highlighted some very important things I need to remember people of and change.

Mass Casualty Incidents.

MCI’s can only be declared by Platoon medics, section medics and the highest-ranking member alive in your section. Once an MCI is declared and few very important changes occurring during operations.

Once a Platoon Medic arrives, the following occurs

• All members are to stop treating those who are down (other than themselves) and provide security. Unless you are told otherwise by a Section Leader (1IC) or Platoon medic to provide treatment.
• Be prepared to assist starlight the medical situation which includes moving of wounded and medical interventions
• You to keep chatter to an absolute minimum whilst near an MCI (within 50 meters). Continue to follow orders from your section leader and be prepared to receive orders from the platoon medic.
• Hotel will prioritise transport for medical staff to the MCI within a reasonable time. This will continue until the MCI has ceased.

Any members who do not follow the chain of command will be meet with disciplinary action.

Scope of Practice

Unless you are a platoon medic or told to do so by a platoon medic, you are not under any circumstances allow to carry or use any equipment or drugs outside of your scope of practice. This includes:

• AED’s
• Amiodarone
• Atropine
• Adenosine.

Any members who use equipment outside of their scope of practice will have their medical cert revoked permanently and will be meet with disciplinary action.

One final reminder.

Should a medical event occur during an operation, you are to follow the orders of the Platoon medic when it comes to treatment of members.

If you have any questions, please direct them towards LCPL Wolflec.

Shout Outs

As mentioned earlier I was very impressed with a majority of the group this week. A few little mistakes made during the op but nothing major. Overall it was a successful week and it was great to see such good performance and behaviour from 99% of members.

PTE GeorgeBasilJ: Another new member stepping up and showing that they can perform to the standard that we expect in our group. PTE GeorgeBasilJ worked very well within his section this week and utilised his MMG very effectively. He was praised by the section staff and showed great potential during his first op. Good on you mate. Keep it up.

Great work to everyone this last week. I’m thrilled as to how the op went and I’m very excited to see how we go in the next few weeks. Keep up the awesome work.

Maintain the rage boys!!!

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