Company Command Weekly Report

Server Issues

On Sunday, it took us a couple of attempts to get the mission going. As many of you know, we have not been unfamiliar to server issues over the last month or so. We understand how this may frustrate many of you, because it frustrates us just as much. We want to enjoy Sundays as much as anyone else in TFAC, and to have ops start poorly is not something we want to make a habit out of.

With that said, once we worked through the issues we had, the server ran well, as many of you can testify to. The new dedicated server has been running incredibly well, and our Sunday issues were easily identified and rectified, and should not be happening again this coming Sunday.

We appreciate your patience, and it’s great to see how many people stick around once we get going properly.

Zeus Team

Something that Thomas brought up last week is the addition of new members to the Zeus team. Our current team are all in staff or otherwise important roles, and these are positions we would not like to be taking people away from these roles on op nights.

With this in mind, applications are still open for anyone wishing to Zeus our Sunday missions. There are a few requirements:

  • You cannot be a staff member.
  • You must have a good track record with TFAC as you will be put into an extremely important role.
  • Your attendance has to be at or above standard.
  • You must be able to commit a bit of extra time during the week and be able to be ready to go at 1730 for the op on Sundays.

You will not be removed from your other role and will be able to rotate with the Zeus team so you can still get op time. With the increase in numbers we would like to run 3 x Zeus at a minimum with the goal of having 3 each op.

If you are interested in this role, please direct all questions to the Zeus team leader, Infernus.


LCPL Razorjax for exceptional turn around of becoming 1st Platoon Bravo section Commander. He has learnt an incredible amount in a very short time. He has taken the mantle very well with the little training he has received before moving into the role. He continues to raise the bar and impress PLT HQ and COY HQ Staff with his determination and drive for his role in getting bravo over the line and working efficiently.

PTE(P) Envy did really well as section medic and remained calm when he had multiple casualties.

CPL Roofie: Consistently brilliant performances over the past few weeks. Getting supplies and troops in on time in a timely manner.

PTE(P) Broche: Demonstrated top notch medical skills during both MCIs that Charlie 1st Platoon was involved in.

PTE(P) TacticalKoala: Effective use of the MMG and was assisting PTE(P) Broche to great effect during the 2nd Charlie MCI.

PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ: Blended very well with the Charlie section 1st Platoon, 2nd time he’s been in Charlie and he has exceeded Staff expectations on both times

PTE(P) Tim took on the role of 3IC for Alpha, as well as writing orders for the section. Both of these tasks were completed to a high standard, and his conduct is something that TFAC looks for in a staff member.

PTEs Monsti and Robzombie78: Both performed to a good standard with tonight being their first ops, they listened to orders and were feeding important info to the section commander

PTEs Onion and Jol: As MAT and MMG respectively, both kept their cool under stress, employed their weapons effectively, and alerted their SECO when they were running low on ammunition.

Things to work on

Things that all staff has picked up from all across the board is,

– RATEL: With this there are a few people, including Staff who need to work on their RATEL. Even as just a refresher. Organize with your Platoon Signallers to receive this training!

– CQB/MOUT Training: With this its has been awhile since we did a dedicated Close Quarter Battle [CQB] or Movement On Urban Terrain [MOUT] training. SGT Spartan will be running one sometime this week so keep an eye on the Trainings channel in Discord for more info

– Mounting & Dismounting Procedure with various vehicles and aircraft. This will be organized via Hotel and SGT Spartan

– Line of Succession, With this Sections/Platoons will have a very clear Line of Succession and how to operate when section staff are not available/downed/dead

Upcoming Changes! 

When LT Thomas returns we will be updating our modset. With that we will be removing and adding a few mods. With this it is to maximize both PLAYER and SERVER Performance to allow for the maximum enjoyment out of the game.

We are currently looking to remove:
– RHS.

– Potentially further mods

Those that will be added:
– Our own TFAC created mod. This will give us our own custom EN faction that we can play against on Sundays.

Other things to come is Company [COY] Command. Once LT Thomas & LT Tricky are set and comfortable with the existing SGT’s to take the mantle, they will move up the chain of command. This will in turn allow other platoon staff to move up the chain along with YOU having the opportunity to move into a leadership role.


With VCOM we have been on the receiving end of a much more capable enemy than what we are used to with Arma AI. 1st Platoon was on the receiving end of this with a mortar strike on their offensive push to their objectives after the defense of our FOB.

Start getting out of the mindset that we fall into when facing the standard Arma 3 AI. VCOM makes these guys a significant amount more dangerous, and these last two weeks have seen us punished for getting careless.

To reiterate from last week’s Weekly,

Zeus will never spawn units behind us or in areas that aren’t realistic unless it’s part of the story. They have been able to take a back seat lately and watch the EN conduct advanced attacks without any intervention from Zeus whatsoever. It’s crazy, but good at the same time. This means that we need to start really focusing and putting all our training into practice. 

This includes: 

– Creating security in all directions,

– Proper formations,

– Not slacking off towards the end of the op or when approaching areas that were cleared previously,

– Calling targets and using proper cover,

– Listening to orders and following them,


– Clearing buildings in pairs or groups of 4 and much more.

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