Company Command Weekly Update

LT Thomas’ Return, CHQ and Other Changes

As many of you may know, LT Thomas has returned from his holiday in Greece. Hope you enjoyed it Thomas ;).

For TFAC, this means a few things. In the next couple of weeks we will be looking at opening Company Headquarters. This will consist of Thomas as Company Commander, myself as Company XO, Will as Company Sergeant Major, Wolflec as Company Medic and a Company Signaller. Spartan and Wilson will move up to command their respective platoons, and we will require more staff to fill the gaps opening up.

New Staff Positions

As Company Command opens, a few staff positions will be opening up within the sections also. Anyone wishing to fill these roles will be required to have completed the PTE(P), LCPL or CPL trainings. This weeks focus is on PTE(P) and LCPL, whilst next week will be CPL and Hotel.

Hotel 1-1 Openings

We will be looking for members to join or supplement the Hotel 1-1 team in the coming weeks. In order to maintain the high standard we expect from our pilots, an assessment will be taken by any interested members. This will consist of more advanced landing techniques, LZ landings and emergency procedures. Your score in this assessment will directly affect your chances of entry into Hotel 1-1.

Any interested members please get in touch with myself or Thomas, and we can start the process. Further details will be provided past this point.

Modlist Changes

The modlist will be updated either this week or next week to remove and add a few mods. The biggest change will be the removal of RHS, to be replaced with other mods. One of those mods will be an expansion to our existing mod, adding an enemy faction we can play against on Sundays. Other mods are being considered to fill potential gaps left behind by the removal of RHS. Look out over the following week or two for any notice of changes to be made, but do not expect them for this Sunday.


LCPL CHOCOLATE MILK: Effective use and leadership of his fireteam, and good communication with 1-1-0.

SGT Wilson: An excellent performance as 1-2 commander.

PTE(P) Evans: Stepping up to 3IC, setting out the section plan and putting forward a solid positive effort on Sunday.

PTE(P) MacAttack: Excellent performance as section medic.

PTE(P) Englishman: A solid contributor and positive influence. Never undermines section staff and always gives it 100%

LCPL Rohdzy and PTE(P) Crispin: Stepping up to 2IC and 3IC respectively, and being instrumental to 1-2-2’s success. During clearance of Arudy they effectively cleared the town to their seccos intentions, and kept their secco in the loop.

A few notes from LT Thomas

Hey gents. Back home now and ready to get stuck back in. I don’t have much for you but I just wanted to give you another insight to my plans for the community for the next couple of weeks.

Here’s some of my list of things to be done in rough priority; – Working with Will and Infernus to sort the mod list and group changes (Moving from PMC)
– LCPL training and training the J3 staff.
– CPL and Hotel training/assessments.
– CHQ planning and implementation.
– 1-2 Charlie
– Work on trainings and training documents.
– Recruitment and BCT documents.

Some of the training documents I’m working on are;

– Advanced Infantry Tactics Training
– Cavalry Training
– Cav Scout Training
– Combined Arms Training
– Engineers Training

This list is also in rough priority order.

Dragging Bug

I noticed during someone’s stream that they were having trouble dragging someone who was downed. This is a bug which is simply fixed by double tapping “C” when you are dragging the casualty. This will enable you to drag the casualty without having to drop them and try again. If for some reason this doesn’t work, simply drop them and attempt to drag again. Otherwise get someone else to drag them, or pick them up if you’re the only member available.

Troubleshooting Channel

This is something I wanted to add for a while which is finally ready for launch. This channel, located in the community section on discord, is a place where we will post and update fixes for issues to do with ARMA, Teamspeak, Discord and the servers.

How to use it.

1. Click on the search bar in the troubleshooting channel.
2. Select the “in: channel” option in the drop down.
3. Type in “troubleshooting” and select the troubleshooting channel in the drop down.
4. Type in keywords related to your issue.
     Eg: Teamspeak Plugin or ACE mismatch.
5. The search will bring up all the posts with those keywords in it.
6. Read and follow the steps related to that issue.

The other option is to simply search through the channel and try to locate a post relating to your issue.

We will update these resolutions if we figure out other/better ways to fix the issue and add more resolutions as issues arise. If you run into an issue that isn’t listed in this channel, please go through the normal chain of command and they will attempt to help you. Once a resolution has been discovered, we will add it to the troubleshooting channel.  

Good to be back gents. Looking forward to the next couple weeks and Op’s.

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