Company Command Weekly Update

What a first week back! We had a very eventful but successful Op last night. I was very pleased with everyone’s work and effort. It is great to see the continual progression of our community not only in operations but in other events and mission throughout the week.

Opening of CHQ

Last night was the opening of Company Command (India 1-0) and several hard-working members have received promotions across the board. MAJ Thomas and CAPT Tricky have been moved up the ladder to command the two new platoons they have nurtured to success. WO2 Will has undertaken the role of CSM to better fit the job description of what he has already been doing in and out of game. GM Infernus has also joined the J4 team and is now a larger part of the administrative decision-making process.

LT Spartan has now assumed capable command of 1st Platoon with SGT Hex under his wing to learn how to further make their platoon and strong team.

LT Wilson has stepped up and is now leading 2 Platoon with SGT Tate moving up the ladder. The two will help further foster the new platoon’s considerable success and growth. Some further moves will occur across the board in coming days, so please be vigilant as new opportunities arise including new staff positions.

Updated Modlist

As posted in the noticeboard channel we have had a change to the modlist. This involved the removal of RHS which was causing performance issues in the background. Removal of RHS should increase our server performance and prevent other issues like AT weapons either being OP or underpowered on vehicles. The decision to remove some of the mods is purely performance related because as we continue to grow, we need to draw more performance out of the server box. A few other decisions have been made regarding performance as well which will be outlined shortly.

Things to do/remember with the new modlist and arsenal.

The removal of RHS results in the removal of the M136 that we currently use. This means we will switch to the M136 from 3CB. This is also a disposable launcher and behaves much the same except — The launcher does not require “reloading” before firing and it also will NOT automatically be dropped after use.

There is a lot more weapons available in the arsenal now along with the new selection of scopes. There should be an adequate selection for every role but if you do notice reasonable discrepancies then please message GM Infernus or WO2 Will and note the item/equipment/ammo/weapon missing.


As most of you are aware most scopes except the 1x and 2x have been removed. This is purely due to performance. There is no other reason behind it and we certainly understand some people’s feelings of frustration and anger towards the change. Even I was very hesitant about the decision originally but after lengthy discussions and testing this previous Op, it has been made clear that this is going to be for the best.

The reason it will increase performance is that it will assist in reducing our engagement ranges. How it will do this is because you will be less likely to engage EN out past your effective engagement and spotting range. You will need to consider your ammo because engaging EN’s out to 1km is no longer going to be a smart decision.

Why would we want to decrease the engagement range? ARMA AI is smarter, more accurate, quicker reacting and more responsive at close range. This overall adds difficulty and complexity to our engagements. Members have complained in the past about AI not moving or acting dumb when engaged at a distance. This is simply because ARMA AI is stupid and acts poorly when engaged at range. You have all experienced this when you engage them at range, watch them go prone then just crawl or run around like a headless chook. This also puts extra load on the server as it tries to calculate what to do and has a seizure trying to get them to engage you back. Often when the Zeus tell an EN to engage our forces at range, they either don’t move, run the other way or just completely spud out. It’s very frustrating and unrealistic. When we close the engagement range they act smarter, more fluent and will be deadlier. Ultimately we are trying to create an infantry based mil sim experience with support from assets. Remember we are based around a dismounted Company structure.

We acknowledge so members were attached to their kit loadouts and scopes and apologise. But this decision is for the good of the entire group and the overall enjoyment and performance of our operations. If we continue to improve our performance it means we can add other assets and open more sections.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding this, please message a CHQ staff member and we will discuss it via voice. It is hard to explain this change and reasons via text sometimes so I would prefer to talk about it in Teamspeak.

With the arsenal update we have decided to revert back to the vanilla MAAWS. This is also performance and experience related. The vanilla MAAWS works better and more realistically on the vanilla vehicles which means we aren’t firing unnecessary rounds. The weights of the rounds will be increased slightly as they are currently very light and unrealistic. This may very slightly reduce a section’s AT capability but this is also a good thing. Our sections should not be standing up to large numbers of armour or vehicles as this is an unrealistic expectation of an infantry section. With the slightly reduced capability, it also gives CHQ the opportunity to look at adding other assets like cavalry or armour. We also have CAS available from Hotel and with the effectiveness of Golf lately, Zeus’s are having to throw more and more at us. This causes a lot of stress on the server which in turn reduces performance. Our goal is to fine that balance for everyone and to bring in more cool assets that members will enjoy.

Realistic Tank Crews Mod

The realistic tank crews mod has been added server side and has been run in the last few Op’s. I wanted to mention this so that you are aware that it’s active and that you won’t assume that if an EN vehicle is disabled that it is non-operational. Take care when you engage EN vehicles and ensure that it is disabled or destroyed appropriately. Be aware that the EN crews can and will dismount to repair the vehicle if it’s safe to do so. Don’t get slack.

Auscorp Coy Plan

As I’ve done for the last couple weeks, I’ve given you all an insight into my plan for the company. This is another small insight into some of our possible plans for Auscorp.

We are currently at 96 strong not including the 11 Rec’s awaiting training. This is the largest we’ve been in a very long time which brings it’s own difficulties. Many of them related to performance as listed above but also other ones including our ORBAT and assets. As you may be aware, we cannot just keep adding assets or sections because our server simply won’t handle it. I’m having to re-think our ORBAT and what we want out of our community whilst trying to balance what will work in the missions and the server performance. I personally want a few more assets added which will give more options for members but this may come at a cost. I will be sending out a poll/feedback form shortly to get the groups desires and ideas. I want to make this as enjoyable for as many members as possible but it has to be feasible and work with our current system. This is a difficult balancing act and getting your feedback will assist myself and CHQ in making these decisions. This feedback will be about what assets you would like to see in Auscorp and any ORBAT ideas you may have.

I would like as much feedback as possible and it to be 100% honest. I will ask for your names in it but it will remain confidential. This is so that if you have a good idea that I’d like to discuss with you, I know who to go to.

LCPL and CPL Training

Last week we ran 4 LCPL training sessions which were all very successful. Congratulations to the 22 members who are now LCPL qualified. It was fantastic to see so much interest and dedication. All of these members showed extreme promise and potential.

CPL training will occur this week with all current 2IC’s and section commanders encouraged to attend. This will be posted in the trainings channel.

Taskforce Auscorp YouTube Channel.

We have now swapped our recruitment video over to the old TFAC YouTube account and this will be the groups main YouTube from now on. This doesn’t mean that you guys can’t upload videos/streams, it’s just where we will post all our promotional videos and tutorials.

Please all of you jump on and subscribe and like the current 2 videos.

Note that we will try to reply to every comment to increase activity. If you comment on it and get a reply from the account, please just acknowledge it and be professional and clean.

Hotel 1-1

With WO2 Will stepping up into CHQ, SGT Roofie has been given command of Hotel. This a testament to SGT Roofie’s commitment and dedication to the group, especially Hotel. He continues to put in countless hours into Hotel and has created an extremely effective, capable and valuable team/asset. I personally want to congratulate SGT Roofie in his new role and know he will do great things. Well done mate, you deserve it 100x over.
With the empty spot now available in Hotel, we are in need of a new TFAC pilot. I’m aware that some members are awaiting on PTE(P) training so you may apply. This is known and we are organising PTE(P) sessions to occur ASAP. If you are interested in applying for Hotel please message SGT Roofie and he will direct you on the process and assessment criteria.

1 Platoon – LT Spartan

I am very pleased with the performance of 1st Platoon during the transitions of myself to 1-1-0 actual in operations, Continue the excellent work lads! However, don’t slack off now I expect more from you all! Continue to raise the bar and be the best platoon that we are!


1-1-Alpha – PTE(P) Linstone: for jumping in 3IC again and performing well manoeuvring his fireteam effectively in the field

1-1-Bravo – LCPL Cross: Took his FT on several solo or separated Fire Missions and they performed admirably, communicating well and completing their required tasks quickly and effectively

1-1-Charlie – PTE(P) Knife: Stepping up to 3IC for the mission and also his response to our initial MCI, immediately moving to pull the casualties away from the Coyote wreck into safety and for working with Starlight to assist.

2 Platoon – LT Wilson

2 Platoon has maintained its successful run as the newer platoon in the company with both sections consistently performing to a good standard. As we are shuffling the sections a bit, embrace your new section members and make them feel part of the team that is 2 Platoon.

Staff Changes

As CAPT Tricky has posted into COY HQ, LT Wilson will now be the permanent platoon commander with SGT Tate stepping into the PL 2iC role. This will likely require a feeling out process, we ask you work with us to ensure we maintain our edge in operations.

Staff Positions

New staff positions will need to be filled especially as we move closer to opening up 1-2-Charlie. If you are interested in moving up into a staff position express your interest to your section commander, they are the ones who will be able to set you up for success and mentor you for such positions.


PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ – Upon posting into 1-2-Alpha, George made it his mission to assimilate into the section. His conduct during section trainings and the operation was commendable and brings credit to the section and himself. Well done George.

PTE(P) Evans – Evans is to be commended for his excellence in the MMG position. Evans always uses his initiative to maximise the sections firepower and makes the right call himself often before his Secco or fireteam leader give an order. Well done Evans.

PTE(P) Crispin – Crispin is to be commended for going above and beyond the expectation of a fill in medic. Crispin performed the role to a high standard and was able to provide a massive capability to his team. Well done Crispin.

PTE Frost – Although his first op, Frost showed an eagerness to learn and adapt to the intense operating environment of TFAC. He performed to a standard that is expected of a section permanent member and used good initiative and battlefield intelligence to complete the mission. Well done Frost.

Keep up the excellent work everyone and we look forward to seeing you through out the week.

Maintain the rage!!

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