Company Command Weekly Update

Gents, WOW! What an operation last night. Seeing the 2 PL’s and their members performance was glorious and impressive. You all did so well even under some rather hairy situations and a lot of staff and members impressed me. It’s heart-warming to see the group come together and perform so well whilst enjoying themselves.  


Gentlemen, a lot of members have been donating lately so Will and myself wanted to personally thank you all for your generosity. It costs Will a significant amount of money each month to run the group and with the increasing costs of upgrading the server, Teamspeak and VPS, the burden has been lessened due to your donations. We are genuinely touched that you enjoy your time within the group enough to donate.

We don’t ever expect you to donate if you don’t want to or can’t afford it. We understand that life expenses happen all the time. If you do have a spare few dollars every now and then, and enjoy your time within the group, then your donations are extremely appreciated and allow us to keep this fantastic community going. It doesn’t matter if it’s $2 or $200. The smallest amounts go a long way over the months. To put it in perspective, with our current group numbers it costs us approximately 40cents for each member per Op.

Do not feel obligated and you will never be removed for not donating. The group continues to grow and it’s heart-warming to see our members enjoying what we offer.

Section Patches

It has come to my attention that a few people wanted to incorporate a personal section Patch, Tacticool Koala having made the Unit Patches has had requests to look into adding them into the mod so we have the best of both worlds via using the

So there has been some drawn up guidelines to how they should be setup as these are accessible by public and must promote a good image for the clan.


Even though these are Section run units you must adhere to these rules

1IC, 2IC and 3IC are to be given custom tags and ranked appropriately

Rank 1 = PTE This is anyone that is officially a PTE in your section

Rank2 = PTEP This is anyone that is officially a PTEP in your section

Rank3 = LCPL This is anyone that is officially a LCPL in your section

Rank4 = CPL This MUST be your section LEADER

There are 7 Ranks but you should only need to use 4 in this order
on this there is 3 slots for 3 admin roles these should be your 1, 2 and 3IC ONLY if as a section Leader you require help from some select PTE PTEP’s you can assign these people to Operations Office (Moderator)

Unit Name must be official

Unit Clan Tag can be anything but remember this appears after your name in game so nothing stupid or derogative eg. Charlie Tribe has [CT]

All URLS should be in this format so at any time staff can always find the unit
format: auscorp(platoon_number)(Section)

This and the Unit Biography should be:

This is a section run Unit which is part of TaskForceAusCorp. Applications to this unit will not be accepted or replied to if you wish to join TaskForceAusCorp please refer to this link:

These Links should be accurate Links to our actual pages that we have

ON THE FINAL SETUP SCREEN, YOU WILL SEE MEDIA this is why you’re here you want your own custom section logo that will appear in game on your right shoulder and on some vehicles , maybe with your unofficial name like Charlie Tribe or a special saying quote but there are some guidelines for your logo.

Example of a logo:



2. Must not paint an individual, section (your own or another) or the clan in a derogative or negative light

3. No Political, Racist or anti—country based imagery (this includes anti-Muslimism or the swastika)

4. No Un-reasonably bright colours such as ‘Hot Pink’.

Be creative but don’t be obnoxious. All logos must go through your PHQ or CHQ for design approval.

“NOTE IF YOU NEED HELP WITH CREATION OF THE LOGO or creation of the unit, Tacticool Koala can assist you”

This is an approved privilege by Major Thomas, and like any privileges it can be taken away so follow these rules in setting up and conduct on the Unit Pages.

CSM Notes

Hi all, thanks for another great week and a terrific op once things got going. I’ve only got a few notes to make and its mostly tech bits from Sunday.

Technical Notes From Sunday

The AI performed better than I’ve ever seen in such a large coop environment. This is largely due to a new performance binary we we’re using on the Server as well as the reduced script load now we have culled our mod list.

The server was mostly running about 35+ CPS (Cycles Per Second) and around 25+ CPS when combat was happening for both platoons. This is a significant improvement from previously running on 25 CPS Idling and 15 CPS when combat occurs.

Server Crash. Twice

As we always say, unfortunately we can’t test new configurations unless we have all of us on at once. There’s just no reliable way to stress test without it. I tested out running the performance binary on all 3 headless clients as well as the server, and whilst initially it appeared to be an extreme benefit to server performance, something went wrong that caused the yellow chain on both occasions. I’m still log trawling to find out why but there’s no immediate cause and we may not have had enough log data turned on (for performance reasons) to find out.

This Sunday we will test again some little tweaks and once again try to squeeze more frames into our missions for better AI performance.


I continue to be blown away by the rate we grow as a group and I want to once again thank those that donate to us regularly or irregularly. It makes a massive difference when we have such a large server to support.

1 Platoon Notes

Again 1st Platoon continue to improve and impress with their ever-evolving skills in the field. We have a very good team at the moment and I’m looking forward to watching everyone push forward. Now that this has been said PHQ & Staff don’t expect you to slack off now I expect more off you. Continue to raise the bar!!!



– PTE(P) Aqwaman: Fit in well with Alpha during his first op, had great communication and listened at all times.

– PTE(P) MightyMidget: Took up 3IC role well, maneuvering his fire team well through hostile areas, and effective clearance of towns


– PTE(P) AceWinchester: worked well in his new role and section, bonded well with the guys and acted in a reliable and professional manner during the Op.


– PTE Slade: Incorporated into the section very well and the only survivor of an MCI. Excellent job.

Additional points!

– 1st platoon react up for our Stellaris game if you are keen, Anyone else from the other platoon/assets let Lt Spartan know directly.


J5 is looking for more able bodied people to join us.

For those who have no idea what J5 do, We are the media guys

We are especially looking for Video Editors and Recorders to assist us on the YouTube side of things If you would like to join us and you are savvy with editing software and YouTube content creators and can/do have the time to help please approach LT Spartan or PTE(P) RokiVulovic in a DM

2 Platoon Notes

2PL has successfully maintained another solid week within the Company, with exceptional performance throughout the op.


1-2 Alpha

– PTE(P) Englishman: Englishman performed exceptionally well as 3IC in this op staying on top of objectives and tasks always complying with orders and leading his fireteam really well.

– PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ: George was always on top of the situation gaining an advantage over OPFOR ensuring he had good sight lines & one step ahead and always reacting efficiently and effectively to orders.

1-2 Bravo

– PTE Trivia: As a reservist assigned to bravo, was an excellent member of 1-2-2 for last nights op, “completing his duties with a level head with a clear amount of experience.”

– PTE Jol: as the assigned MMG was on the mark with his fire hitting targets with precision with his Rheinmetall MG-62.


Staff Changes

This week, we are sad to note that CPL Konk will be living the dream in Europe for the next five weeks. Due to this, LCPL 4ngel has been assigned the 1ic position in Alpha, with PTE(P) Englishman being the acting 3IC.


Closing Remarks

2PL is continuing to impress throughout their operations in Auscorp, as always gents, maintain the rage!

Great work all around. Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

Maintain the rage!

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