Company Weekly Update

After a crazy but successful operation this week there are a lot of points to cover this week so settle in for a good read.

Future Plans

After a successful operation with 2 full PL’s this week, it is likely we will be looking at opening 1-2 Charlie soon. We will be offering the section positions to the most senior reservists first working from the top of the ORBAT list. Staff will be chosen and then we will implement the section into 2PL.

Once 2PL is at full strength, J4’s focus will be on how we are going to conduct reservist attendance. We will not be able to have an excessive number of reservists filling the sections beyond the 10 man section total. We have discussed some ideas but nothing has been decided on just yet. Our goal is to not turn members away from an Op so we are trying to figure out a way we can still allow all members to attend the Op.

As for the implementation of other assets, these will be put on hold until we sort some internal systems, training’s and procedures. We want to make sure we have a stable community, system and server with as few issues as possible before we look at continuing to expand. This hopefully won’t be for too long as we are already working towards this.

Listening to command/staff at HQ

Last night I received good feedback regarding members behaviour and organisation at the carrier. I also heard myself the chatter and behaviour of members and I was impressed with a majority of the members behaviour.

I want to reinforce and clarify that when you are at HQ awaiting reinsertion, that the pilots of Hotel are in control of the helipads and organisation of reinsertion. Their commands/requests need to be adhered to as if the direction was coming from CHQ. They are trying to get you back to the AO ASAP, so it’s in your best interest to keep chatter to a min, quickly sort your kit and wait in an orderly manner ready to load into the designated air-frame. Staff or pilots should not have to hurry up members or tell them to sort themselves. Show initiative and have yourselves ready to go.

Section Basics

Last night flying around in Zeus I noticed one thing that really stood out with all the sections. Section basics! This is hands down the biggest reason so many of you were being downed/killed. Yes there was some friendly fire, yes the EN were harder, yes there was fire coming from everywhere. But with out a doubt the main reason you were going down was because most of you forgot the basics.

MCI’s and/or treating members: In the picture above you can see a member down with 2 other members nearby. Behind the “camera man/Zeus POV” there was another 2 members that were just sitting around. This member was not spotted, treated and eventually died…..10-15m away from friendlies! This is very poor situation awareness not only on those 4 members but the entire section. You can all see who’s up on your radar. Use it and if you see a name missing, find your section member and treat them.

Spacing: In the picture above is an example of some of the spacing I saw last night. Yes, there are instances where you will bunch up before stepping off, or there might be minimal cover for everyone. But to many times did I see groups of section members like above when on a position or treating downed members. A section should be spread out over a min of 50m if you are in a static/defensive position. 10-15m between each member, it’s taught in BCT.

Clearing/finishing your objectives: The picture above shows a compound that was completely skipped during the clearance of the airfield. There were multiple EN’s inside and they were engaging friendlies that were across the other side of the airfield. The section/s that was meant to clear the compound were approximately 400-500m past this as they continued to clear the North Eastern side of the airfield. Although it may be hard to see, you can spot a pair of EN’s located in the bunker towards the top left-hand corner and a single EN in a bunker in the middle top portion of the picture. The friendly running across the airfield is by himself and could have easily been downed because we hadn’t properly cleared the area. You lads are saying that the EN is to hard or that you seem to get shot from nowhere, this is why. Make sure you clear your objectives thoroughly and always try to move in pairs.

Situation awareness: In the picture above you can see a section moving away from a member who was downed by a left over EN. This downed member is part of PHQ and was really needed at the time. This is another example of why you must be aware of what is going on around you. This includes with members that aren’t in your section. If you know that PHQ or a member from another section is in your vicinity or attached to you, then you need to keep an eye out for them. Also shows why it’s important for staff/PHQ/CHQ members to always have a battle buddy if possible.


So last night I took control of some EN and there were 2 instances that blew my mind.

First was that I actually cleared an air traffic tower with half a section as an EN. I was actually shot as I was running to the tower then got up and kept running after a quick bandage. Once in, I tagged onto the end and we cleared the whole building until someone finally realised at the top of the tower. I understand everyone hasn’t done the CQB/urban training so I was kind and didn’t shoot any of you in the back. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!

Second was during an MCI where I saw in Zeus, approx. 4-5 guys crowded around 1 downed member with literally no security at all. So I took control of the closest EN, ran approximately 100m across open ground and stood in the middle of the crowd. Someone then pointed their gun at me, didn’t shoot me, lowered his weapon, so I shot him. Then everyone started freaking out and eventually killed me. There was 2 sections of EN in a AA position not 150m away that wasn’t clear. Make sure that when you are treating downed members, that you maintain security with anyone who isn’t assisting. I will be less kind with situations like this in the future so ensure you FOLLOW YOUR SECTION BASICS!!

Now these skills degrade over time, I acknowledge that. Hence why I decided to make this week’s mid-week event a Coy training session. We will be covering off on a lot of these basic skills and will go into a bit more depth as to what happens in these situations. Once you guys feel confident, you can take it back to your sections and assist your command in keeping everyone to the required standard. The Op’s won’t get easier if you don’t do the basics.

NOTE: The Zeus’s will test you lads but will never cause MCI’s on purpose or be cruel. We want to ensure you have a good time and don’t intend to cause these on purpose. So don’t get mad at the Zeus’s when you don’t do the basics and half of you go down.


It’s with a heavy heart that I write this as it’s something I particularly didn’t want to bring back into our group. But due to some issues that have occurred in the last couple months and that have begun to occur again recently, J4 have decided to reinstate this procedure to prevent any further issues developing.

Verbal and Official Warnings

There are two types of warnings that a member can receive in TFAC.

Verbal Warning: Given to a member for minor issues or instances where a member has acted or done something not in line with our rules and/or expectations. This is noted in the warnings document and does not carry any further repercussions.

Official Warnings: Given to a member for major issues or instances where a member has acted or done something not in line with our rules and/or expectations. This is noted in the warnings document and can carry further repercussions depending on the circumstance. There are 2 official warnings (1st and 2nd strike) with only one of each allowed per member.

1st Strike: This is given to a member for their first offence or for an instance that is major but does not call for an immediate 2nd strike. This is noted in the warnings document and can carry further repercussions depending on the circumstance. This warning expires after 3 months from the date of issue.

2nd Strike: This is given to a member for their second offence or for an instance that is major and is suitable for an immediate 2nd strike. This is noted in the warnings document and can carry further repercussions depending on the circumstance. This warning expires after 6 months from the date of issue.

Removal from TFAC: This occurs for serious or continuous issues and/or deliberate behaviour that is malicious or intended to cause problems with other members, staff and the community. Certain behaviour will simply not be tolerated in TFAC and removal will likely result in you never being able to return.

Rules and expectations

I want to remind everyone of 3 rules and expectations that you all agreed to before being granted entry into the group.

– Do you agree to obey the chain of command?

– Do you agree to respect our current members no matter what their rank/age/gender/race etc is? 

– If you have an issue with another member and cannot resolve it with that member, do you agree to raise it with your first point of contact in the chain of command?

These 3 rules I hold to the highest regard. Breaking these rules will guarantee you getting strikes or being removed from the group. I will not tolerate bullying, bad mouthing behind closed doors, disrespecting staff or other members, spreading of rumours or personal vendettas towards other members, excessive targeted banter or personal attacks and disrespectful or malicious comments on either Teamspeak or discord.

You are lucky enough to be part of the best mil sim community currently operating in Australia. If members are not going to follow these simple, fair and respectful rules, then you will quickly find the door. As I say in every recruitment interview I conduct “We are a warm and welcoming community which will often help members, even with real life issues. Bullying, excessive banter or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.” This is what we have created and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some bad eggs ruin what we have worked so hard to create. We have plenty of recruits coming in so instances like the ones listed above will not be tolerated more than ever.

Disciplinary Action Procedures

This is the public disciplinary action procedures document that is available for all TFAC members. This is a guide for staff to assist in making decisions on disciplinary action. All cases are based on different circumstances and previous behaviour or issues. Some members may receive different disciplinary action to others even with similar or the same offences.

How to discuss or resolve issues

Speak to the other member – Be adults and try to resolve the issue one on one. Often you will find that the petty issues can be resolved by discussing them and being honest and mature with one another.

Talk to your chain of command – That’s what they’re there for. If you cannot resolve the issue with the member, bring in a staff member to mediate or discuss how you may be able to go about resolving the issue with said member.

Take it further up the chain – If it could not be resolved by your initial chain of command, take it to the next level. Speak to your Sgt or LT. Then if needed take it further up.

Speak to the chaplains – The chaplains are there to help you. They will listen to your problems and give you advice or possible resolutions as how to go about resolving your problem. The chaplains can also bring issues directly to myself if you request/require it.

Expectations of staff

Any staff member is expected to behave above the minimum standards at all times. They are to be setting the example to all other members and are not to encourage, take part in or disregard/ignore any inappropriate behaviour occurring within the community. I hold all staff to a higher standard and if staff are found to be breaking the rules or supporting any of the above listed behaviour, they will be held to a greater level of repercussions.

As staff you can expect;

– To receive 2nd strikes for even minor offences
– To receive a demotion for minor or major offences depending on circumstances
– To be removed from TFAC for major offences without receiving strikes prior to removal

You are the members that I place my trust in to behave accordingly and to show all other members the standard of TFAC. Do not break my trust otherwise you will lose my respect and will quickly receive repercussions.

If you receive a warning/strike/demotion

Cop it on the chin, learn from your mistake, and move on. I will not dwell or think less of you if you be mature, learn and move on post your repercussion. A member who shows they care and want to be in the community will cop it, accept responsibility and strive to better themselves to prove they actually want to be in the group.

IMPORTANT: If someone has a strike, then you have no right to ask them what it is for. They will tell you if they want to. Anyone who is caught given another member grief, making comments or asking what their strike is for will automatically receive one themselves.

Remember, the warnings and strikes are not forever.

If you have any questions or wish to talk about any of this, please message me or come talk to me in Teamspeak. I want what is best for this group and I will continue to do my best to create the friendliest, most welcoming and best group the ARMA community has ever seen.

1 Platoon Weekly Update

1 Platoon continue to work well and evolve amongst the ranks; however, we do need to work on a few things that were brought to 1-1-0 PHQ’s attention which will be addressed this coming week. Most have been working very well there is just a few things that we need to work on as a Platoon. Continue to Impress me lads continue to work hard!



PTE(P) Mladshiy: Worked well as section medic to effectively keep members alive with clear communication and worked from a good understanding of the medical system.

PTE(P) Thunderbolt: Assisted in medical situations during a very medically demanding Op, listening to the section medic and giving instructions to others that were unsure of what to do.

PTE(P) Chase: Jumped into 3IC minutes before the op and effectively led his fireteam to effectively clear parts of the airfield as well as enemy compounds.


PTE(P) Wizz: Worked really well in his last-minute leadership position, effectively leading his fire team and communicating clearly.

PTE(P) Noodles: Also worked really well in his last minute leadership position, effectively leading his fire team and communicating clearly.


PTE(P) Broche: He put in an outstanding effort to keep the section alive. Being forced to scrounge from the section for medical supplies after running black. PTE Snapper: Amazing work with the MAAWS in his first OP as MAT in the section. You saved the section several times.

2 Platoon Weekly Update

Overall another solid week lads with outstanding attendance for the op this week, allowing us to temporarily form 1-2 Charlie (with hopes for a more permanent position soon).


1-2-1 (Alpha)

Whilst no individual stood out, the section as a whole performed amazingly this week, keep on doing the mahi.

1-2-2 (Bravo) 

PTE(P) Smog: performed excellently in his role as medium anti-tank.

PTE(P) Patriot: stood out, as he took to the role of 3IC with enthusiasm and handled himself exceptionally well.

1-2-3 (Temp. Charlie)

PTE Frost: A solid week was recorded by Frost for holding his position with outstanding skills whilst the majority of his section were unable to assist.

CHQ final remarks

A great week for everyone and an excellent Op minus the few issues mentioned. Overall, I was pleased with everyone’s performance and eagerness. It was great to see that you enjoyed the mission and I’m looking forward to starting a new campaign either this week or in the next couple.

Maintain the rage gents!!

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