Company Weekly Update

Great week this week lads. I was away for most of it but I saw some good things conducted when I got back.


It was brought to my attention that some members feel they don’t know what Teamspeak channels they are allowed in or where to go when not conducting operations. The answer is fairly simple. If you can get into a channel, you are allowed in it.

If staff or members want some private time in a channel and someone joins, just politely let them know you need some privacy and that you will talk to them afterwards. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone to leave and if you get asked to leave, respect the request and just join another channel.

Staff are able to lock their channels with a password for temporary privacy if they desire. This is to be removed if you no longer need it past that privacy required. If staff do not have the capability to put on a password, please let a member of J4 know and we will fix it for you.

I encourage all members, especially reservists to jump into other channels and chat to other members. As they will happily help you with any issues whilst having a chat or playing other games with you. Don’t be shy or afraid that you’ll upset people joining in channels. Because as mentioned before, if you are not allowed in there for some reason, you will just be asked to leave. No biggy.

Ideas and Feedback

We are always trying to give you gents the opportunity to bring forward your ideas and desires regarding the group. There will be a feedback/ideas form created this week that will be available to all members at any time. If you have anything you wish to put forward to J4 then you will be able to fill out the form and submit it. This will give everyone the option to bring forward ideas about anything to do with the group. These forms can be used by staff and is encouraged.

Public TFAC Google Drive Folder

I’m in the process of reorganising the TFAC Google drive and one of the folders that many of you would not be aware of is the public folder available to all members. This will have a lot of forms, information, rules, standards and expectation documents in it. This is so there is one location for you to access and to find some information you might find helpful.

This will be announced when it goes live with a post in key information.

Aggression and Section Movement

One thing that has come to the Zeus’s and my attention is that sections are often not aggressive enough during operations. There have been multiple times in the last few op’s when an entire section or platoon has been pinned down or their advance slowed by only a few EN forces. During Operation First Light 8, 1 EN pinned down an entire platoon for some time. I know it sucks getting downed and it can be frustrating, but an EN soldier can only shoot at one member at a time. If you pushed a fireteam, 99% of them time you will kill the EN before he does any serious damage. Here are a few points I’d like to pass on.

– As you know, a lot of the time when your pinged once, you’ll get back up straight away. Don’t get focussed on treating yourself straight away. Sometimes you can fight for a while until you will go down again.

– Be more aggressive! Use flanking manoeuvres and use your equipment. (grenades, use M136 on buildings, section staff have GLA’s etc..) You might have one of your section members pinged but as you continue to push, the section medic will look after him whilst you clear the EN. You are still 8 strong with 1 member down. Remember what was mentioned before. You can still fight with multiple wounds. Don’t always focus on patching up straight away. – When you guys get bogged/pinned down, request help. There’s nothing wrong with requesting assistance from other C/S. We had sections pinned down in open areas last night who needed assistance. Use the resources that you have. Hotel can pick you guys up and evac you even out of hot zones or other sections from nearby platoons might be able to come over to assist. Send the requests through and you’d be surprises what we can organise.

– Remember section basics. IE: Section medics treating and continuing the fight. I saw a lot of slowed down sections again last night due to focussing on downed members whilst I also saw some excellent examples of section medics doing their job and the section continuing the fight. Just remember these basics and you’ll find yourself being deadlier and more effective against the EN.

Wednesday Coy training

I will be running another Coy level training session to reinforce some of the points from the last Coy training to cover some points we missed out on. Details will be posted about this in the trainings channel. Anyone is welcome to come along.  

Teamspeak Staff Channels

I would like to encourage staff members to use their Teamspeak channels for TFAC business only. What I mean by this is that if you are just chilling out in the Teamspeak, move into a public channel and mingle with the non-staff members. This will help prevent the gap between staff and non-staff members. I’m a major (lol) culprit of doing this, but honestly most of the time I’m madly doing TFAC admin. If you need/want to chat to me, jump in my waiting room and message me and if it’s appropriate, I’ll drag you in. Don’t be shy or scared of the staff lads, they are friendly and will always be willing to help you.

Along with this, all staff are to ensure that members who have to be dragged into their channels, are removed if you are leaving Teamspeak. That means that if I drag a member who cannot join my channel normally in and then intend on leaving Teamspeak, I must remove them to another channel. Members are to leave themselves if that staff member forgets. Eg: This is to prevent PTE’s – LT’s sitting in my channel when I’m not there.

TFAC Documents/Resources

I know that a few members are working on or have completed documents covering, SOP’s, asset ideas, RATEL etc.. and I would like all these to be placed onto the TFAC Google drive. This way I can actually find them, read them and we can look at implementing some of them across the group. There has been some confusion because people are creating or using procedures that haven’t been ticked off by CHQ. The members then say “Yeah but I made a document.” But CHQ haven’t seen it or cannot refer to it because it’s on members personal drives. If you want to bring forward something, then use the feedback/ideas form and submit your documents in the provided folder. (Supporting Documents)

Mid-week Trainings/Events

I want to clear up to all members that section, platoon and coy level mid-week trainings and events are NOT mandatory. This means that you will not receive disciplinary action for not attending these sessions. As per your recruitment interview, we do expect a level of commitment for the Sunday operations, but we understand that ARMA and this group does not take precedence for all members.

I definitely recommend and strongly encourage you guys to attend as many trainings and events as possible as they are generally very informative and great fun. We have some awesome mid-week creations on the way including;

~ Cherno campaign
~ Part 2 of Operation Bloodbath
~ OPTRE Mission [Halo]
~ There is Only War mission [Warhammer]
~ Vietnam Missions
~ WW2 Campaign
~ Terminator

As many of our members can attest to, these events and trainings are great and it helps improve skills that we need for our Sunday operations.

Feedback and Individual Complaints Forms

Just a reminder that these forms can be filled out by any member no matter what your rank. Complaints can be made about any member within the group as well no matter what their rank or role. This is a way for your concerns or issues to be brought to light and can be anonymous if you wish. These forms are located in the Public folder on the TFAC Google drive. 

Server Player Limit and Future Assets

We have continued to grow at a steady rate for the last 6+ months and we are nearing our max server capability. We are currently using one of the best server box providers in Australia and the next step for servers in over double what we pay per month at the moment. Without the cash flow, this unfortunately leaves us with one option. Cap our player numbers in for operations and really consider what assets, equipment and vehicle we use/want to add in the future.

We are currently getting nearly 2 full PL’s worth of players each operation. The last 3 operations we’ve had 70, 73 and 70 members online. This is excellent. The issue with this though is that we are maxing out the server’s ability to handle the number of EN required to fight us. Our ratio required is roughly 5-1. That means 5 x EN for each player. That often means roughly 350 EN on the map at once. This obviously requires a lot of performance from the server and is why we sometimes experience some lag. J4 have and will continue to discuss this as it’s a constant battle to find the right balance.

What does this mean for the future of TFAC and the ORBAT?

Cav/armour – At this stage adding any cav or armour is not feasible. (I know, super sad. Hurts me the most.) The reason for this is because the number of EN has to be increased to counter the extra power that armoured vehicles will bring. We will continue to use light-med skinned vehicles but ones with large/powerful mounted weapons will be less common. We are trying to figure out ways that we can include other assets but as it stands, if we added cav or med-heavy vehicles, we would need to disband 1 section per PL. This is not something we want to do as it would reduce the number of players we can have on the server quite dramatically.

QRF Team – One of the things CHQ is considering is implementing a QRF force. This would be a small team (4-6 man) that would be mounted that would react to circumstances/incidents as required. We are considering having 1 per PL or just 1 for the Coy. If we had 1 per PL they would remain with PHQ until required and if it was 1 for the Coy, they would remain with CHQ. This way they can react quickly to calls for assistance and can be tasked freely.

1-2 Delta – Delta in 1-1 has proven to be working quite effectively and more efficiently than when it was Golf. We will be looking at possibly opening 1-2 Delta in the near future after some final discussions with CPL Bryn and CHQ. There will be more DFSW trainings run also to give those members interested in this role the opportunity to learn everything required.

1-1 Weekly Update

Since I have returned from LOA, 1-1 have performed quite well. Still a few things we need to iron out such as comms & OPDEM procedures but besides that we got the job done and in quick time so great job with that. The task I gave the section staff was completed with haste  and good communication utilised by all staff which was great to see.

1-1 Standing Orders

As per last week, the standing orders have been released, if you have not read them make sure this is done ASAP and you have reacted to the required posts. Additionally, a new SOP will be added today regarding Casualty calling that was discussed last night during debrief. 

If you are a reservist and want to view the standing orders for your own situational awareness, the link to them is below:

Section Members

A reminder that just showing up to Sunday night operations is the minimum expectations for any member of TFAC. As a permanent section member, we WOULD LIKE you to go beyond these expectations whether it be attending section trainings, meetings or getting together with your section outside of operations for section bonding. Section staff have been given permission to rotate members out of their section if members are deemed to not be committed to a permanent section position.

Staff Movements

LT Spartan: Returned from LOA, if you need to have a chat about anything that may have happened while away, message LT Spartan to arrange a time to meet. 

LCPL Gaz: Has finally returned to 1-1-Charlie Tribe, Welcome back mate

LCPL Snapper: has been transferred to 2nd Platoon Charlie to gather some experience

LCPL Blitz: is LCPL Snappers replacement, Great to have you mate welcome to the team
SGT Tate: Will be on LOA  4 OCT 19 – 7 OCT 19

Drop in Sessions (As per last week)

Drop in sessions, For those who are uni students will understand this. It is a set time frame where ANY member of 1-1 can set up a time and come speak to LT Spartan about anything they wish. Those things being personal, section issues, ideas they have for sections or the platoon etc. This is to give you a clear voice and knowledge that you can go directly to LT Spartan so that they don’t feel they cannot.

If you come to LT Spartan or SGT Tate with an idea, we will never shut down your idea, we will see if it is feasible and work with you to develop it.

Reference 1-1 Noticeboard for details, if however, you are NOT in 1st platoon just message LT Spartan directly. 

1-1-4 (Delta)

Delta section (previously Golf 1-1) has now moved into 1 Platoon. You will be seeing these lads around more often so make them welcome into 1 Platoon (even though most have been in 1 Platoon before). We are still working with them to figure out the best way to implement them into 1-1.

In saying that keep an eye out for expression of interest posts from CHQ and Delta for DFSW, I have heard a few of you have done so already so great job there.



SGT Tate: for working well in platoon command while Spartan was away. Very glad to have you amongst the platoon.

Section Commanders: for working very well together as a team and getting orders done. This was a test from LT Spartan to get you more involved and so far, you have passed the test so great job on that. 


PTE(P) EvilRabbit: Jumped up into the 3IC position and lead his fireteam effectively, manoeuvring his team to clear both the AAA base and the UAV base.


LCPL Chocolate Milk: worked really well with Bravo and adapted well to the conditions and ran his new fireteam with excellence and professionalism.


This week Delta have worked well with minimal numbers. Hopefully by next week you will have a few extra bodies to assist you with everything

1-2 Weekly Update

Overall another highly successful op for 2 platoon, successfully neutralising the enemy officer prior to his escape. Each section within the platoon performed exceptionally, employing a vast amount of section based tactics that had been lacking in prior ops. It’s been excellent to see the development.



LCPL Evans: Evans was confident using Platoon Comms to communicate with Bravo for sectional bounding and led his fireteam and section effectively when needed.

PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ: George worked well as his first time as 3IC commanding his fireteam and completing OBJ’s quickly.

PTE(P) Tim: Tim worked effectively as MAT engaging targets where needed


LCPL Snapper: for his first op as 3IC performing above the expected standard.

PTE(P) Phaser: for being an all-round excellent team member.

2 PL Closing Remarks

Another excellent week for 2PL, hopefully we will soon expand for a Delta section to provide DFSW support.

Hotel 1-1 Weekly Update

We had another successful Op with great cooperation from all members who respawned at the HQ whilst awaiting redeployment.

The unexpected event of our HQ being counter-attacked at the end of the Op caught Hotel off guard and ill prepared. We are grateful to both platoons for their immediate action returning and assisting with the HQ defence. The situation at the HQ was chaotic but whilst suffering substantial casualties we as a Company were able to successfully defend and repel the assaulting forces. Hotel are grateful to all those involved in helping us repel the enemy and regain control of the airfield.

CHQ Commendations

LT Spartan and LT Wilson:
These guys have taken on the role of PL lead with great determination and commitment. Their efforts have allowed the PL’s to develop quite a lot in the short period they have been in command and it is great to know that the PL’s are in capable hands. Keep up the excellent work gents. Very well done!

Reservists: I’m continuously impressed with how you are all behaving both in game and especially in the discord. You welcome new members, you help each other out and get involved in other missions, events and trainings. It is great to see that new members are being treated like family and that we have some really great members joining. I noticed a few of this week’s new reservists performing quite well during the operation, especially with communicating and manoeuvring during firefights and CQB areas. Keep up the great work lads. It isn’t going unnoticed.

There was a lot of things that were conducted excellently during the op but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Trainings and mid-week missions are the perfect way to hone those skills and improve our performance as a fighting force.

I’m happy with how things are rolling across the board. Keep up the great work.

Maintain the rage gents!!

“The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The tough part is doing it.”

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