Company Weekly Update

The group had another productive week this week which is great to see. The group is continuing to improve as we move our focus towards continuous development and refining rather than expansion.

COY Asset Plan

As mentioned in the last weekly we are nearing the limit of our current server capability and therefore the limit of the number of players during our operations. With some changes in the background relating to the server still being made and experimented on J4 have come to a current conclusion that we will have to limit our player count to 85 during operations. This still allows us the opportunity to open a few assets/teams but after that we will be looking at ceasing expanding until we can afford better server options.

The plan for the Coy at this stage is;

1-2 Delta (Golf 1-1): We will be looking at opening the second team this week with a decent number of members now DFSW qualified. Please note that 1-1 Delta and 1-2 Delta will be renamed to 1-1 Golf and 1-2 Golf. This will be clear why further on.

QRF (Delta): This team will be a 6-man team that will be a Coy level asset. They will be under command of CHQ and unless tasked will move around with CHQ. This team’s callsign will be Delta, hence the change above. Application/training for this is planned to commence in 2-3 weeks.

Engineers (Echo): This 4-man team will also be a Coy level asset who will be under the direction of CHQ. They will be responsible for a multitude of tasks that will support the Coy. This asset still has some work regarding training documents and SOP’s but we are looking at beginning applications/trainings in approximately 4 weeks’ time.

Once the sections and supporting assets positions are filled, we will continue the process of reservists filling in spots where members cannot attend. J4 are discussing how we are going choose which reservists will attend if it looks like we will be over the 85 player cap for an op. At this stage we are not too worried about it as we consistently have numbers we expect. Any process/decision we think of will be discussed with all of you so we can decide on the fairest and most economical option.

Public TFAC Google Drive Folder

The public TFAC folder went live on Thursday and has proven to be useful already. If you haven’t already, please check out the post in the key-information channel in the Discord and have a look at the Google drive folder. This folder contains helpful information and forms for all members, including staff, that will allow easier access to important information. Any updates to this will be announced to all members.

TFAC Documents

A lot of our members have new ideas and create their own documents or edit copies of existing TFAC documents but have them on their own drives. This makes it hard to track changes or ideas that you may have without the supporting documentation. There is a folder in the public Google drive folder named ‘Supporting Documents’, located here: Public\Feedback/Ideas\Supporting Documents.

This is where you can upload your ideas or documents you have created and then staff can move it to the appropriate folder. If anyone is caught tampering with anyone else’s documents without their permission, disciplinary action will be taken.

For staff, there is a similar folder located in the ‘Staff Resources’ folder named ‘Upload Documents Here’.

All documents, personally made or edited, need to be uploaded to one of these 2 folders. J4 cannot implement or look at your documents if we do not have access to them. These folders are checked regularly so they won’t go unnoticed.

J5 – Media Team

The J5 team is looking for members who may are interested in joining the media team (J5). The team is responsible for;

– Running/creating media content for TFAC
– Twitch Streaming
– YouTube content
– Photo & Video editing

If you are interested in joining the team, please message LT Spartan. Keep in mind you do require some spare time to be able to assist in projects. Only sending your footage and screenshots is not enough to support the team.

Wednesday Coy Training

Another very successful Coy training session last week. We had a great turn out and the members that attended did very well considering the new procedures that were taught.

We covered off on 3 major areas which were;

– Section aggression and manoeuvring,
– Mounting and dismounting of vehicles and aircraft
– Mines and mine incident drill

I want to cover off on some main points from each of these.

– Section aggression and manoeuvring: Remember to be aggressive and to do your role. Medic’s jobs are to heal, your job is to fight. Remember your section basics. Staff need to continue to push their sections forward and keep them focussed whilst employing manoeuvre tactics. Be smart and don’t poke your head up if your being suppressed. Re-locate and try to get a shot from a different position.

– Mounting and dismounting of vehicles and aircraft: This was done very well last night by all members. Again, remember the basic things taught and it will ensure Hotel’s and your safety during re-insertions. Waiting to be re-inserted procedure at HQ will ensure that you are loaded and dropped back in ASAP. Make sure you follow Hotel’s directions and maintain discipline at the heli pads. When dismounting (Double tap “V”) and FAST. There’s a 5 sec touch down for aircraft. If you don’t get out in time, too bad. You’ll have to be re-inserted on the next trip.

– Mines and mine incident drill: Also completed to a good standard last night, especially seeing as this was a new thing taught. This one will be important for members and section staff to practice and pass onto their sections. This procedure is to become an SOP for all sections. If you need to practice it, the training server is perfect. Place down an empty minefield, walk through an example, then try in a live one. Also practice approaching in different formations and dealing with a mine strike.


– There’s a mine strike or you notice mines once entered a minefield. (MINES FREEZE!!!)
– Halt, go crouch in your position, all round security (expect contacts). DO NOT MOVE!
– Assess damage (How many members are down and are they conscious)
– Quickly visually clear the area directly around you (don’t move, just look!) then go prone.
– If required (wounded member is unconscious) the nearest person to the wounded crawls/crouches to them and begins treatment
– Whilst that occurs, attempt to find the edge of the minefield (front, rear or sides). Look for minefield indicators, markings or signs.
– Quickly treat member/s (tourniquet limbs only) then pick up and CARRY them out of the minefield.
– Section to withdraw or push through minefield using same “lanes” as you entered or the person in front of you. This is formation depended.
– Once clear of the minefield, move to an appropriate position and treat the wounded.

– Whilst treatment is occurring, mark the minefield on map, attempt to clear it or find a way around. Don’t forget to report it to CHQ so they can organise clearance and redirect C/S if required.

If you have a mine strike and are then engaged, the same process occurs but in a much quicker fashion. The risk of running into another mine is accepted to get out of the minefield and into some cover. 9/10 minefields will be places in areas that keep you in a vulnerable position where the EN has good positions to fire down into that area. Get out of the minefield ASAP.

Overall the training was a great success and I was happy with the attendance. Thank-you and well done to all the members that attended.

Custom Section Patches

I noticed in game that a few members had patches and tags that didn’t link to their section or that were linked to old groups. This is not what was granted when we opened the custom patches. All section staff and members need to ensure they have the correct unit selected when they launch their ARMA and that their names are set to the correct format.

When I searched ‘Taskforce Auscorp’ in the ARMA 3 units page only these 3 results appeared. All section unit names need to be in the correct format so CHQ can monitor the patches and names. This was explained in the instructions when we allowed the patches.

Here are the rules again so that there is no confusion. If members are seen to not have their names and tags set correctly by Sunday, they will be kicked from the server. It is up to the staff to ensure your members tags are correct and that the unit details are set correctly on ARMA Units so that CHQ can check them.

Section Patches Rules

Here are the guidelines as to how they should be setup as these are accessible by public and must promote a good image for the clan.


Even though these are Section run units you must adhere to these rules

1IC, 2IC and 3IC are to be given custom tags and ranked appropriately

Rank 1 = PTE This is anyone that is officially a PTE in your section

Rank2 = PTEP This is anyone that is officially a PTEP in your section

Rank3 = LCPL This is anyone that is officially a LCPL in your section

Rank4 = CPL This MUST be your section LEADER

There are 7 Ranks but you should only need to use 4 in this order
on this there is 3 slots for 3 admin roles these should be your 1, 2 and 3IC ONLY if as a section Leader you require help from some select PTE PTEP’s you can assign these people to Operations Office (Moderator)

Unit Name must be official

Unit Clan Tag can be anything but remember this appears after your name in game so nothing stupid or derogative eg. CHQ has [COY]

All URLS should be in this format so at any time staff can always find the unit
format: Taskforce Auscorp – PL(1-1) Section(Alpha)

See the example above for correct format.

This and the Unit Biography should be:

This is a section run Unit which is part of Taskforce AusCorp. Applications to this unit will not be accepted or replied to if you wish to join Taskforce AusCorp please refer to this link:

These Links should be accurate Links to our actual pages that we have

ON THE FINAL SETUP SCREEN, YOU WILL SEE MEDIA this is why you’re here you want your own custom section logo that will appear in game on your right shoulder and on some vehicles , maybe with your unofficial name like Charlie Tribe or a special saying quote but there are some guidelines for your logo.

Example of a logo:



2. Must not paint an individual, section (your own or another) or the clan in a derogative or negative light

3. No Political, Racist or anti—country based imagery (this includes anti-Muslimism or the swastika)

4. No Un-reasonably bright colours such as ‘Hot Pink’.

Be creative but don’t be obnoxious. All logos must go through your PHQ or CHQ for design approval.

“NOTE IF YOU NEED HELP WITH CREATION OF THE LOGO or creation of the unit, LCPL Tacticool Koala can assist you”

This is an approved privilege by Major Thomas, and like any privileges it can be taken away so follow these rules in setting up and conduct on the Unit Pages.

TFAC’s Cost

Some members have asked staff how much it costs for TFAC to run and how much they should donate. We appreciate any help through donations whether it’s $2 or $200 as any amount helps. J4 do acknowledge that it is a bit easier to donate when you understand how much it costs to run the group. So the total cost for all our servers and licences have been posted in the key-information channel.

We have a lot of regular donators who have continuously supported the group and it is appreciated immensely. To all members, whether you’ve donated or not, thank-you for your continuous support and enthusiasm with the group as it is you guys who continue to push this fantastic community forwards. We as J4/CHQ will continue to strive for the best experience both in and out of game as best we can as it fills our hearts to see you all enjoy it as much as we do.

1-1 Weekly Update

Since I have returned from LOA, 1-1 have performed quite well. Still a few things we need to iron out such as Comms & OPDEM procedures but besides that we got the job done and in quick time so great job with that. The task I gave the section staff was completed with haste  and good communication utilised by all staff which was great to see.

Staff Movements

LCPL Blitz: Has been rotated back to 1-2 Charlie. His input and efforts are much appreciated.

LCPL Snapper: has been transferred to 1-1 Charlie after getting some experience.

SGT Tate: Will be on LOA  4 OCT 19 – 7 OCT 19

Drop in Sessions

Drop in sessions, for those who are uni students will understand this. It is a set time frame where ANY member of 1-1 can set up a time and come speak to LT Spartan about anything they wish. Those things being personal, section issues, ideas they have for sections or the platoon etc. This is to give you a clear voice and knowledge that you can go directly to LT Spartan so that they don’t feel they cannot.

If you come to LT Spartan or SGT Tate with an idea, we will never shut down your idea, we will see if it is feasible and work with you to develop it.

Reference 1-1 Noticeboard for details, if however, you are NOT in 1st platoon just message LT Spartan directly. 

1-1-4 (Delta)

Delta has been ever increasing in numbers of qualified which is great to see, I wish to have some more allocated manpower to you lads this week!



LCPL Rusty & PTE(P) Murphy: For Continually helping myself in running the platoon. Calls & SOP’s have been very well refined in the smooth running of the platoon.


PTE(P) Matlord: Always did what he needed to and was where he needed to be at all times acting very reliably as a soldier in the section and as an assistant for the MAT.


This week Delta have worked well with Minimal numbers. Hopefully by next week you will have a few extra bodies to assist you with everything.

PTE (P) KnightRetro: Kept calm and did lots of work when the section went down saving a few members and helping out where needed.

1-2 Weekly Update

Another phenomenal week for 2 PL, with 3 different ops being completed throughout the week with various members taking part. Whilst only completing two of our objectives on the Sunday, the platoon did well due to heavy presence of the enemy force.


1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ: For quick and efficient use of AT on targets from an unexpected direction. This allowed several situations to be handled with ease and minimised casualties.

PTE(P) Smith: Worked well as 3IC for this op and was always on point with directions and orders.

PTE(P) Tim: Always had his MMG fire on the enemy without needing directions or support from other members.

1-2 Bravo

PTE Dennis: For keeping cool under fire and called solid contact reports.

1-2 Charlie

LCPL Snapper: For good performance on his last op with 1-2 Charlie.

PTE Slade: for solid work with the LMG during the entire operation.

Hotel 1-1 Weekly Update

Again we are very happy with everyone’s behaviour at the HQ, gearing up and waiting patiently at the assigned waiting areas in a prompt manner has made logistics a lot smoother for Hotel, we appreciate it gents.

2PL did a great job holding their ground at LZ O203, assisting SGT Roofie with medical and unloading supplies under intensifying EN fire. They were able to salvage the situation with the assistance of CPL Juice flying effective CAS runs on EN vehicles in their AO, allowing SGT Roofie to repair his helicopter and get out of there.


PTE(P) RobZombie78: Did a great job assisting CPL Juice unloading supplies during an OPDEM, having only been taught the procedure during the flight.

CHQ Commendations

My commendation goes out to all members this week as we had great mid week training and op attendance. We are looking at continuing to run mid week missions and events not only in ARMA but in other games as well. Its a great way to socialize and hang out with the great members we have. So make sure you get involved as many of these events are great fun.

Maintain the rage gents!!

“We live in a world that has walls, and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns.” – Aaron Sork

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