Company Weekly Update

Well done gents for one of the most successful operations we’ve had. We managed to complete all the objectives along with a COY staff brief beforehand and finishing up with the COY photo. I was very happy with a lot of what went on in the operation but don’t relax now. We have more assets and trainings coming so this is the time to focus and get to as many sessions as you can.


Last night we practiced having our planned QRF section, also known as Delta, operating in support of the COY. Overall, it was very effective and worked pretty much exactly as intended. We noticed a few things to be ironed out, but this is why we want to practice prior to open the actual section.

There was an issue with CHQ sending Delta in to support 1-2 Charlie during their MCI. I did not notify 1-2 of my plans and this caused some confusion when 1-2 sent a fireteam to assist. By the time the fireteam got there, the MCI was over but due to the confusion 1-2 was delayed. This was my mistake as I should have notified 1-2 that I was planning to send Delta to assist.

From now on, if Delta is being sent under the direction of CHQ to assist a PL, CHQ will raise and confirm with that PHQ prior to Delta stepping off. That way there wont be any confusion or doubling up of resources.

Playing Music During Ops

I discovered there was 3 known instances when music was played through mics during the Op. One instance was during a Hotel flight which caused the pilot to have to change intercom channels so he could hear the radio.

This is a reminder that music or soundboards are not to be played through mics at any stage during an operation. Any instances of this occurring from now on will result in a strike.

Security Around Helipads/LZ’s

I noticed that during Hotel coming in to land at LZ’s, that members were looking in and not covering their arcs. You are to maintain security facing out until you are called in by your section staff. We practiced this in company training and you are taught mounting and dismounting during your BCT. All those members who were at the company training should be passing on the helo mounting and dismounting procedures. Mounting and dismounting with ground vehicles and airframes is pretty much the same process. Create that 360 degree perimeter until told to step off or to begin loading up.

In the picture above, you can see 5 green circles highlighting members, as well as the POV player, who are all facing inwards as the helo came in to land. This is not proper procedure gents. You all know that you should be providing security to allow Hotel a safe LZ to land in.

The 2 blue circles are around 2 members who were directly under the helo as it is attempting to land. This is completely unacceptable. All LZ’s are to be kept clear of any members, vehicles or objects until the helo has touched down. Hotel will not be held responsible or receive any repercussions if a member is killed or injured due to them being under a landing airframe. Hotel pilots should not have to adjust flight, slow down or be concerned about if there are members on top on the LZ. Along with you being injured by the helo, you will receive a strike for not following company orders. This is the last freebie anyone will receive.

J5 – Media Team

Changes to top 5 J5 will be testing out new voting methods over the next few weeks, with the first week having voting limited to J5 members and COY staff. This is being done with the goal of removing the “spoiler” effect of the voting form, and keeping things a surprise for you guys.

On that note, if you want to keep your clip a surprise, feel free to DM it directly to PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ on discord. He can also provide assistance with extracting clips and can help you find a suitable way to upload them.

As a final note, I’ve heard through the grapevine that some members don’t want clips they post in the media channel included in the top 5, and thus they don’t post their clips. This is the opposite of what was wanted with the creation of the top 5 series. If you don’t want your clip in the top 5 just simply clarify such either in the media channel itself or in a DM to PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ and it won’t be included. If your clip doesn’t make it into the episode, don’t be disheartened. Some weeks we receive too many submissions to fit into a concise video so some are left out, any and all submissions are greatly appreciated by the J5 staff.

Applications Closing/Waiting List

Last week we decided to close applications due to the limit of our server and the great number of attendance we are getting. This is a fantastic problem to have gents. It shows that we have dedicated members who are enjoying their time within the group. We will continue slowly recruiting members as we have people leave, but at this stage there is a waiting list to be able to join. Please still invite your friends to join and we will endeavour to let you all know when applications are fully open again. 

Custom Section Patches

There was a major improvement in the organisation of section patches last week. Well done to those sections and members that have one and managed to load on with the correct one loaded. We will continue to kick people from the server if they do not have the correct patches or format. It’s pretty easy to load the correct mods, correct profile and the correct unit. By making sure you’re loaded onto the server and Teamspeak early, it will ensure you don’t forget these things as you won’t be rushing.

Operation Timings

This Sunday we will be moving the op timing forwards by half an hour due to daylight savings. We have a large number of members on daylight savings time as well as some members that are overseas so this time will allow a slightly better start and end time for them.  All timings on the discord will remain as AEST.

New mission/operation timings

Load into server: NLT 1750 AEST
Op briefing: 1805 AEST
Step off: NLT 1820 AEST
Op finish: 2000 AEST

These timings will remain until told otherwise. Any operations/missions that are already planned for this week will remain as the posted details for them. This Sunday op will run off the timings listed above.

1-1 Weekly Update

1 platoon have been very successful this past week, with very rapid succession and completion of our assigned objectives. We showed a high level of teamwork and communications this week which was great! Keep it up as I want to see this continue. This extends to our reservists we had assigned to us this week!

With the implementation of Delta, it certainly added a lot of diversity and ease with delegation of objectives and I look forward to seeing them used in the future.

Staff Movements

1-1-C: CPL Keegan has moved to his new position to 1-2-Golf [DFSW]. We wish him the very best over there whilst CPL Gaz has assumed his position as Section Commander. LCPL Snapper has returned to Charlie and is now assuming the 2IC Role with LCPL Zilo now the new 3IC.

1-1-0: SGT Tate has now returned from his LOA. Welcome back and get cracking.



PTE(P) Chase: Took control of his fireteam when his fireteam leader went down and effectively cleared the rest of the objective


The whole section did really well, as everyone conducted themselves to a good standard and performed extremely well.


PTE(P) Broche: who performed above and beyond expectations as the section medic.


PTE(P) Green: moved quickly, safely and effectively when clearing out buildings in the last objective area.

1-2 Weekly Update

Last night, section to platoon communications were demonstrably poor. We had a full-section MCI, and nobody in PHQ or CHQ knew it. Because of this, CHQ is looking at running a refresher course (or several) on the basics of RATEL and section command. However, we managed to complete our objectives, so the mission was overall a rousing success.

One thing I’d like to touch on is resupplies. If you need a resupply, call it ASAP, so that PHQ can work on getting that resupply in at either your next location or the most viable are around your current location.

I also received several reports of music being played on the extraction back to base. While this isn’t the most severe problem, I do request that you maintain chopper etiquette, for the pilot’s sanity, and your safety.

Other than that boys, the operation was a success, and LT Wilson will be back this week to lead us into victory once again!


1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Dayza: First OP back and he was on fire. He was always a step ahead on what the plan was and helped out the reservists when they needed direction and general help. PTE(P) Englishman: Showed good individual leadership, assisted the section overall in morale, direction and engagement. Also assisted his fireteam leader in direction of the fireteam.

1-2 Bravo

LCPL Frost: Took to his new role as 3IC with enthusiasm and did a great job keeping his FT organized and on the move

Hotel 1-1 Weekly Update

Hotel had another great Op including a COY wide extract, during which most members behaved accordingly. A reminder to the community, if a Hotel pilot or senior staff ask for clear comms in the helicopter, you are all to abide by this until told otherwise or fully dismounted from the helicopter.

Hotel will be opening up another round of assessments this week, our plan is to have a “reservist” list of qualified members to be able to fill in when Hotel is not at full strength. This will require a passing score of 276 or higher and the highest scoring member will be selected for a full-time position when one opens up.

To fully qualify for Hotel you will also be required to have completed the PTE(P) training, this isn’t a requirement to sit the Hotel assessment but it is a requirement for being a pilot, if you’re interested in Hotel but don’t yet have your PTE(P) we will organise a session before or after your Hotel assessment.

Keep an eye on the trainings channel in Discord for times and further information.


PTE Whitto: Did a great job assisting Hotel at HQ, loading supply crates for the first time. We appreciated the help.

1-2-Charlie: A massive thankyou to the members who assisted LCPL Rhodzy with security during an OPDEM for Delta while en-route to your REDEP LZ.

CHQ Final Points

Overall very happy with how the operation went and with how TFAC is travelling. There will be a lot of training sessions coming up over the next few weeks for new assets, retraining and improving on skills that we already have. This is my main focus at the moment, as once these training documents are complete, our last couple of assets will be opening. Keep up the good work everyone and I’ll see you on the weekend.

Maintain the rage gents!!

“No guts, no glory.” – Major Gen. Frederick C. Blesse Read