Company Weekly Update

What an unfortunate night after such a great op last week. J4 are trying to work out what the issue was as there wasn’t a real increase in numbers or many changes to scripts and the mission. We have had a really good run with our server in the last couple months so it was overdue for a full server spud out. Next week should see us back into our normal stride.

Individual Complaint Form

This form has been used and it has been relatively successful so far. I want to reiterate that when you fill out your rank and name on the first question, you must put this and not write anonymous. The reason for this is so J4 can chase up any details, evidence or feedback regarding your complaint. This is especially important if you have evidence because if we don’t know who to ask, we can’t get that evidence.

Your complaint will always remain 100% confidential within J4 and if we interview the member who the complaint was about, we will never disclose the name of the complainant.

Complaints can be made about anyone and filled out by anyone. This includes section staff, PHQ, CHQ and J4. I encourage feedback or concerns that you may have and if you feel that you need to put in a complaint about J4, then you are absolutely within your right to do so. No one will ever receive repercussions, be disadvantaged or be discriminated against if they put in a complaint. We want all members to have access to express their concerns or issues.

Reminder that if you do fill out a form that you need to include as much detail as possible. Giving dates and time or links to evidence is encouraged. Also remember that there is a feedback form available for any other concerns regarding the group that might not be member related. Both the individual complaint form and feedback form can be accessed in the public TFAC folder. The link to this is in the key information channel in Discord.

J2 – Mission Making/Member Created Missions

All members are welcome to create mid-week missions/op’s. This is great way for us to try new things and play different styles compared to the Sunday op’s. Due to some issues with member made missions, there are going to be a few rules put in place for mid-week missions from now on.

– Briefings for Wednesday missions will go out on Monday. Briefings for Friday/Saturday missions will be posted directly after the Wednesday operation.

– The mission and briefing are to be ready five days before the day the operation will run, and must be tested at least a day beforehand as well as on the day of the operation.

– Saturdays will typically be reserved for other games but if you want to run an ARMA op on Saturday, talk to Infernus and he will discuss it with you.

– It is the mission makers responsibility to ensure that the mission and briefing is complete, tested and working the 5 days prior to the day it will be run. J4 will no longer be editing missions or fixing bugs the day of the mission. This has occurred too many times with minutes to spare and its not fair on J4 staff to be fixing your missions because you have not tested them. Staff are busy enough as it is.

– If the mission does not work on the day then you will be given the chance to fix it. If after a couple of tries it is still not working, the mission will be cancelled. J4 staff need to be told 5 days prior that you will need the server and mission up. You must also send the mission and briefing to a J2 or J4 members so it can be passed on and loaded onto the server. – If you are not sure on what needs to be added/put into a mission for it to work, ask other members, watch some YouTube videos or Google what is required. You can find nearly everything there is to know regarding mission making if you just Google it. J2 do not always have the time to finish creating your mission when you send them a briefing and a half-finished mission.

Ambush SOP’s

I was reading in 2PL’s staff channel a discussion regarding ambush SOP’s and how the PL handled them last night. I want to share this with everyone so you all gain some knowledge from it.

Plain and simple, last night there was no winning or SOP that could really prevent some sort of casualties last night. The ambushes were difficult on purpose and they were set up in such a way that the convoys were trapped. Even with developed and well-rehearsed SOP’s, I would have expected the same result simply due to the difficulty of the ambushes. Overall, they were handled quite well up until the server crash occurred. Don’t feel disheartened or that your PL’s/sections did not perform as it was part of the mission that you were to be trapped and to have a brutal ambush sprung on you.

With that said, I want to share some ambush knowledge and SOP’s so that if another occurs, you have a better understanding of them.

Conducting an ambush.

If an ambush is set up and sprung correctly, no one should survive it. Ambushes are meant to be hard hitting and difficult to avoid or get out of. There will often be an obstacle to block forward movement whilst a cut off at the rear to prevent going backwards. The idea is to hold the forces in the kill zone as much as possible whilst direct and indirect fires are brought down into the kill zone. This can be achieved by disabling or destroying the lead and trail vehicles or by obstacles like road blocks. Ambushes will often have a follow-on force which will move in to clear the kill zone once the ambush has been sprung. When the ambush is sprung, as much firepower as possible is thrown into that kill zone. So if you are caught in one, then you can expect a lot of bullets flying and bombs dropping in rapid succession.

Surviving an ambush.

The idea behind the SOP of continuing to push forward out of the kill zone is to remove as many of your forces from that zone as quickly as possible. This way you are removing the opportunity and initiative from the EN forces. Once your remaining forces are out of the kill zone, you can dismount, turn around and look to clear the EN from a better position. The friendlies caught in the ambush are to survive as best they can until the rest of the callsign returns to assist. All round security is to be created ASAP and for the perimeter to be pushed out enough to stop bunching in the kill zone. Remember, the EN wants to keep you tightly compacted and in that zone so that their fire is more effective. Sometimes if all of your forces are caught in the kill zone and cannot advance or withdraw, then you all need to dismount, create a perimeter and staff will direct sections to push against the EN and attack outwards. Fighting out of an ambush is sometimes the only option. If this is the case, it needs to be done aggressively and ASAP to prevent the EN closing in around you.

Different SOP’s can be created and practiced but there is only so much you can do regarding ambushes. If they are set up correctly and the EN is prepared, you’re going to have a hard time surviving them. There is currently a convoy training being created so ambushes will be covered and explained in detail in the training.

J5 – Media Team

The J5 team is looking for members who may are interested in joining the media team (J5). The team is responsible for;

– Running/creating media content for TFAC
– Twitch Streaming
– YouTube content
– Photo & Video editing

If you are interested in joining the team, please message LT Spartan. Keep in mind you do require some spare time to be able to assist in projects. Only sending your footage and screenshots is not enough to support the team.

Infantry Tactics and Advanced Infantry Tactics Training

The documents and training for these are still in the making but are my priority at the moment. The Infantry Tactics training documents should be finished sometime this week, with hope of running the first session towards the end of the week. The Advanced Infantry Tactics document will still require more time but I’m hoping it will be finished within a week or two. All training sessions will be posted in the trainings channel as normal. The Infantry Tactics training will be open to everyone and will be the pre-requisite for attending the Advanced Infantry Tactics training.   

This Sunday’s Mission

This week’s operation will be the same mission with some changes. All staff are to ensure that you read the orders properly when they come out and to adjust your plans accordingly. Don’t assume that it’s going to be all the same but we will try not to make it so you have to write brand new orders. Enjoy the reduced workload this week, you deserve it.

TFAC Chaplain Service

As most members are aware, we have a chaplain service available to all TFAC members. CPL Konk and PTE(P) Stoggi are our 2 chaplains who you can approach to discuss any issues or concerns you have regarding the group or any personal issues you may have going on in your life. Any discussions are completely confidential and will not be discussed with anyone unless you give permission. For further information please message the chaplains, myself or read the pinned messages in the noticeboard channel.

Platoon Weekly Updates

There will be no platoon weekly updates this week as there were no points that needed to be passed on by the PHQ’s and considering the server issues that resulted in no proper operation. If section staff require feedback or have any questions, please speak to your PHQ staff.  

CHQ Final Points

I was extremely impressed with everyone’s patience and behaviour during the restarts and issues with the server. I didn’t see one person leave until we decided on cancelling the mission which was fantastic. It shows that you are all enjoying TFAC enough to stick through annoying hiccups like that and that you are committed to the group. J4 know it really sucks when issues like this arise and we try our hardest to avoid them. We apologise for this week and we are looking at options to help reduce these restarts and to increase our server performance.

I would like to shout out to a reservist who messaged me last night offering a post he wrote out to be sent out to the community. PTE(P) SaltyBacon wrote up a post he wanted to send out but due to it’s contents I did not post it. The reason it wasn’t posted was simply that J4 have a system in place and that it is something we deal with rather than non-staff members. It was not bad in any way and he was not in the wrong for sending it to me for proofreading/authority to post it. What am I commending him for then? What he asked to post was a showing of how new members to the group find themselves bonding so quickly and feeling like part of the group. He offered a solution to a problem he saw and expressed that he appreciated that he was accepted into the group. This is just one example of how this community is so great compared to others. We continue to develop into the greatest gaming community I have personally ever encountered and it’s due to having awesome members.

Everyone in this group should be proud of the work they put in and commitment they have to the community. Yes, we have little issues or complaints sometimes, but considering we have 119 active members, the way we interact with each other and get along is astounding. I would like to thank you all for being a part of this community whilst continuing to maintain the standards and expectations we strive for. We genuinely have a friendly and welcoming community which you should all be proud of.

Maintain the rage gents!!

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty— never give in except to conviction s of honour and good sense.” – Winston Churchill Read