Company Weekly Update

Gents, we had a very successful operation last night which was fantastic considering the unfortunate early ending to last week. The server loaded fairly smoothly, everyone was ready within a reasonable time and we accomplished our mission for the night.

Infantry Tactics Training

On the weekend the first session of the newly created infantry tactics training was conducted with success. Having only a section worth of members conduct the training allowed for fixes to be noted down on the document and within the training mission. Revision of the document, slides and training structure is underway to improve the training for the next session. This will be completed by ASAP and the aim is to run the next session sometime this week or on the weekend.  

Thank-you to those members who attended the first session on Sunday. It was much appreciated as I understand the first training sessions are always a bit messy or drawn out. Those members who attended are more than welcome to attend further sessions to reinforce your knowledge

Delta Training, Selection and Manning

As we’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks, Delta has been an effective and valuable asset to the COY. With the infantry tactics training sessions beginning, those members who are interested in Delta should be attending them as this is the first step to being eligible.

To be eligible for Delta you must have completed;

– PTE(P) Training
– Infantry Tactics Training
– Advanced Infantry Tactics Training

To be eligible to operate as Delta’s medic, you will also have to complete the Advanced Medical Certification. This will be taught by CPL Wolflec.

Once the trainings have been completed and an application open and close date has occurred, J4 will select the 6 members who they feel performed best in the trainings and who they believe will be best suited for the role. (No change to any other asset.) When Delta has a missing member for an op, then the qualified members within the COY may be asked to fill in for the night. Again, no change to the process for members filling in for Golf and Hotel.

Until the selection of the permanent members by J4 has occurred, we will continue to just fill in the spots with whoever is interested. This will give you an opportunity to have a taste of the role before committing to it during selection.

Operation Comic VI

This week’s op J4 are planning to have the platoons start where we finished up by using the persistent script. This means our medical, equipment, weapon and ammunition status will be the same as when you disconnected. This is something we have tried in the past and we want to look at implementing on occasions or for particular missions.

This is one of the reasons why it is important that when you receive your debrief from your staff over radio, that you maintain the level of professionalism we expect in our operations. This means not throwing flash bangs and grenades or shooting your weapon in the air. We expect that all members behaviour and concentration is maintained at all times, especially during the last 30mins of the operation.

There is a possibility that the script will not work as intended so J4 asks for your patience and understanding if we have some delays. We will have a back-up plan in case this occurs.

1-1 Weekly Update

Again 1 platoon have been very successful this past week with very rapid succession and completing our assigned objectives and then moving to assist 2 platoon. There was a high level of teamwork and communications this week which was great! Keep it up!!! I want to see this extending onto our reservists we have assigned to us for operations!

With the MCI that occurred on Sunday that hit both MAAN trucks, it ended up being 2 MAAW’s rockets trying to hit myself, however I dodged and it hit the trucks.

Things to work on;

RATEL: Stepping on comms. Reminder to use the line of succession while completing calls from Sunray & WAIT until that callsign has completed their transmission. NEVER step on someone mid transmission unless it is an emergency.

MCI: Everyone worked extremely well during the MCI moving into Roche, however maintain comms discipline and listen to your superiors and medics directions. 


1-1 PHQ

The entire platoon worked extremely well during the MCI, by moving casualties out of the open and to a CCP where medical treatment was immediately administered. Due to the high number of casualties, we didn’t have too many KIA. The medical members did a great job patient triaging.

1-1 Alpha

PTE(P) Pawlik: Worked effectively with his fireteam helping out his FTL and fireteam members, as well as effectively calling out targets.

1-1 Bravo

PTE(P) RobZombie78: He did a great job assisting during the MCI. Well done mate.

LCPL Chocolate Milk and his Fire Team worked really well during building clearances, properly using communication and effective team manoeuvring to quickly and effectively clear their areas.

1-1 Charlie

PTE(P) TheLoyce: He handled the Charlie MCI very well.

LCPL Snapper and LCPL Zilo: For doing a great job leading red and green fireteams.

1-2 Weekly Update

A bit of a rough week for the lads in 2 Platoon, struggling on Sunday’s op with the clearance and defence. However, despite this struggle, the members of 2 Platoon were able to push hard with assistance from 1 Platoon and eventually control the town.


1-2 Alpha

PTE Dennis: Always on point wherever he needed to be as an LMG and supporting his FT everywhere he could.

PTE(P) Tim: Worked very effectively as 3IC for the op and handled his FT really well.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) JustAce: For not only stepping out of his comfort zone but doing extremely well, performing his duties as MMG to a high standard.

PTE(P) Smog: For being quick and efficient when dealing with EN vehicles with his MAT.

1-2 Charlie

LCPL Blitz – Performed great as 1IC for the night.

PTE(P) Turbanator – For his first time operating as 3IC, he did an excellent job.

PTE(P) KnightRetro – Although he had FPS issues due to his PC, still saw the op through as long as he could and still performed valiantly.

Golf 1-2

PTE(P) Jaz- Performed very well as 2IC for the night.

Closing Remarks: Despite the early struggles, 2 platoon was able to successfully complete the objective with their first complete op with Golf. Maintain the aggression gentleman.

CHQ Final Points

I was very happy overall with how the operation went last night and would like to commend you all on a great performance. I saw many members conducting correct procedures, formations and putting in effort. Both platoons’ movements and reporting were excellent back to 1-0 which allowed me to allocate resources and plan effectively. Keep it up.

I’d like to shout out to Hotel 1-1 for an excellent operation and how well they performed. They were extremely busy and I often saw all 4 aircraft in the air at the same time. They worked very effectively and provided an outstanding level of support to the COY. Well done gents!

Maintain the rage gents!!

“We live in a world that has walls, and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns.” – Aaron Sork